EP330 #1

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there is an idea of a Cory Wiseman. some kind of abstraction
but there is no real me, only an entity
something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze.
and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours - and maybe you can even sense it; our lifestyles are probably comparable: but I simply am not there.
Cory Wiseman doesn't exist. You don't exist. He's a figment of your imagination, like the man in the painting who looks at his reflection in a pond and sees himself swimming beneath him.
you dive into the water at your reflection and find yourself in a strange place: it seems that this world has been altered by something you cannot perceive. It is as if time had stopped here, or perhaps the other way around.
> You perceive what is, and what is yet to be.
You quickly discover that you are not able to travel through time, and that no matter how much you observe something there is no way of being able to change it, or at least not in any meaningful way.
your doubt manifests into an entity, it is Cory Jeldman, guy who can cause Female orgasams jsut by saying his name. who also thinks that he is the better Cory. He attacks you, he is really powerful and if he had not attacked when he did you probably would have died at his hands.
> You realize the only way to defeat Cory Jeldman is by giving him an orgasm.
You think for a moment, and then begin to wonder why exactly do you want to defeat this man, it is not really you.
you polish Cory's rod.
"Aawww yeah!" he says.
"Tell me, who is it that speaks whenever you summon me?" you say and twist his nipples.
"Shut up! That's not the damn point!"
You then shout his name, "Cory Jeldman!" and hear hundreds of woman you can't see scream in ecstasy.
"I don't have time for this! Release the damned restraints so I can fuck you!"
"No you don't understand, this isn't me, it's you."
you fuck yourself.
"There are two of me? What the fuck, some kind of split personality or something?"
"No, it's way more than that. You have hundreds of..."
> You merge with hundreds of other Corys.
You take a deep breath, and begin to feel the cold metal of the handcuffs on your wrists.
You are standing in a long hallway, covered in a layer of dust.
You look around and suddenly your are in the middle of a Korean battlefield and all of the soldiers are Cory Jeldman.
"What the fuck, now I'm in some kind of weird fantasy land or something..."
You begin to run through the battlefield yelling, "Get away you fools! Get away!" but nobody seems to notice you.
On a loud speaker the voice of Kim Jong Yu say "FIRE THE MISSILES" You watch in horror as the fools burn.
You aren't sure what you can do, except run.
While running, you feel your dick begin to grow, it seems that you have an insatiable bloodlust tonight.
> You search for a Cory Jeldman to quench your lust.
You find one of your comrades, and with your mouth wrapped around his sword you drive him into the ground. His screams fade away as you drink his blood.
> You gain his power.
You feel a new power enter your body, and you know that you can't be killed. Your comrades can't kill you, but sadly they do not have the abilities that you do.
you look out over the crater pocked battlefield and notice all your dead comrades look like you. They are all Cory Wiseman's.
"I think I just became a walking meat shield."
You hear a loud explosion in the distance. You look over to your right and see a red glowing cloud.
Out from the red cloud appears an Akira-like monster that is a combination of all the dead Cory Wiseman's from the battlefield.
"I am the final boss!" it says while charging at you.
It first tries to smash you with its helmet, but that doesn't work, since your entire body is invulnerable.
> You your dick begins to grow with blood lust.
The monster charges at you and try's to ram you, but you just stand there like a dumb ass.
The monster smashes into you and both of you fall to the ground.
You fall to the ground and stand up to see you are just looking into a pond starring at your reflection.
"Holy fuck, what just happened?"
Fantasy: You have been transported into a weird dream world.
The moral of the story: if you want to survive in a dream world, you need to be a hero.