EP329 #3

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You are Meagan Kane, the most raaaandom tween on Tik Tok! You have millions of followers that love your totally raaaandom antics! Wow, you're soooo crazy! But you wanna know what's reaaaaaly weird? The CIA just recruited you to infiltrate a Russian spy ring operating in the Washington DC area. Only your total raaaaaandomness is enough to disarm their suspicion! They'll never suspect such a craaaaazy girl is really working for the US government! Ha ha! I'm kidding of course, but seriously, we need all the crazy people here. We can't let this operation go wrong!"

You are given the following 10 spy gadgets:

The Spyglass : This device allows you to see through walls and other solid objects. It also has a built-in camera which will allow you to take pictures of anything within range.
The Mini-Speaker : This gadget allows you to eavesdrop on conversations from up to thirty feet away. Though it's mainly used by Muscovites who enjoy listening to screaming matches during meetings.
The DNA Sampler : Collect genetic material by pressing against the skin and collect the sample inside. Don't bite anyone! It may be used to identify the attacker in case of an attack in the future.
The Acoustic Mirror : This device bounces sound off of nearby walls and objects to create a "live" image of what is going on. It's primary use is for spying, but it can also be used as a way to scare your enemies if you are quick enough. It also has a built in speaker system to allow you to communicate with others.
The Infrared Illuminator : The perfect device for a spy trying to sneak by another person who has the same light as their clothing, or a cat who has the dark. It allows you to see others by putting their clothing and skin tones against their background. The Illuminator also blocks out any background colors, so you can see any nearby person clearly. It also has a camera built in, but we don't find that it's commonly used.
The Microcam : The microcam is a tiny camera that can be hidden anywhere on the body. It can take a picture or record a video of what's in front of it. It can also be set to take a picture every so often. It's a very useful piece of equipment.
The LED Light : Many spies use this tiny device to blind enemies, or to simply distract them with flashing lights.
You go to AIPD HQ, the Russian spy ring where Jason nukes countries that celebrate birthdays. He is aided by Tony, Jim and Cory. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rook sees you and says "Hello, it's been a while." He asks how your mother is doing.
You tell Rook, "I'm not gonna sleep with you, so just drop the act!" He remarks, "Ah, young love. Such a beautiful thing." Then walks away.

Later, in the AIPD headquarters, everyone is asking you questions, but you only get the very basics.
The AIPD team tells you to get them coffee. This is a perfect time to get info on them and their schemes. What coffee do they like? What kind do they drink, black, with sugar, or no sugar?

Later, in the headquarters, the team is ready to interrogate the Russians.
> You see Jim choking a sweaty Russian for information.
You watch as Jim interrogates the sweaty Russian. You realize he's interrogating him in front of you, because he wants to frame you! It's all a big set up by Jim, as usual.
> You record Jim with your microcam.
Sure enough, your microcam records Jim as he is seen strangling the Russian to death. After a few punches, he lays dead.
You upload the evidence to Tik Tok.
The comments are pretty vicious. You get death threats and hate messages.
"How could you do this to me?!" one user writes. "You're only making my blood pressure go up!" another writes.
you get enough hate on Tik Tok that it gets national attention and soon the UN makes a statement "Meagan is working with Jim to strangle russians. We condemn her actions"
You can't go to school for the week due to the backlash.
You create a series of Tik Toks begging your fans for forgiveness and trying to explain that Jim is framing you and that you are innocents.
Soon you get enough messages from your fans for the hate to stop.
"I was one of your biggest stans, if I wasn't before," one fan messages,
> You hear a knock on the door and open it to see Rook.
You run to the door and open it. It's Rook. He smiles. "It's just me," he says. "Is there something you want?" you ask.
Rook says, "Rook to Queen's thighs..." he lets his message trail off, staring at you with an eyebrow raised.
"I'm not following," you say. "What is Rook to Queen?" you ask.
Rook sighs and says, "Drop the act. Queen's am..." he trails off again.
This is a reference to a famous quote by the musician, Freddie Mercury. You stare at him in confusion. He sighs again and continues, "Never mind. Just, um, see you later, Meagan."
He walks away. You sigh yourself and enter your house.
The moral of the story: Don't trust anyone. Even the people you think are your friends are out to get you.