EP329 #2

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You are Jar Jar Binks, a Gungan living on the planet of Naboo. After an unfortunate gumball machine incident you've been exiled from the underwater city of Otoh Gunga. Stumbling through the marches of Naboo you encounter a two laser sword wielding knights and decide to greet them. One knight is a little more than he appears, he's actually a giant bug! The other one is even weirder, his face has been replaced by that of a human boy's.
you introduce yourself to the knights, "Mesa Jar Jar Binks." 

"Jar Jar, I am so glad to meet you!" says the bug knight. "I'm Captain Valahari."

"Oh no, it's me!" says the human boy.
The two knights teach you a Mastery of the dark side of the force.  After your training, they take you to the missing third sword-laser wielding knight: Sodar. He's been living in this cave on Otoh Gunga for years, learning to become a Jedi. The knights take you to Sodar, and he gladly accepts your Jedi training.
Sodar tells you of their Sith quest: they're trying to eliminate the Jedi to keep them from recovering the Sith holocron from the Temple of the Ancients on Telos.
> You and the knights head to the Temple of the Ancients.
The planet of Telos is one of the most boring planets ever. The Jedi Temple there is just a big bunch of boring temples. Still, you want to see if you can find any information on Boss Nass.
You assassinate Boss Nass in the night. His death wasn't even surprising, as the man was an old doddering fool at the best of times. The location of his holocron is unknown.
You know Boss Nass was a glutton and you cut open his stomach to reveal his holocron.   The Sith here want to keep it from the Jedi, but you have to decide: take the Sith holocron or help the Jedi.
Sodar tells you to take it and you step forward to grab it.
Darth Dickeater, a Sith wielding a teledildonic lightsabre, steps in your way and challenges you to a battle for the Holocron.  You accept and say, "Messa gonna cutta yourra headda offa!"
Dickeater laughs and says, "I'd be careful if I were you, Mr. Jedi."
"What do you mean?"
> You reveal your true power.
You unleash the dark side of the force and cut off Dickeater's head in a bloody flurry. The Sith knights gasp and run, leaving you to grab the Sith Holocron and leave as well.
You catch up to the other Sith knights. They fear you now, because you are more powerful than them.  You grab a Sith knight and choke the living shit out of him. You then use the Force to rip the sword out of his hand.
You are right about to use the holocron, but are interrupted by the  Force ghost of Thickness, telling you to use the Laser Piss.  You know you have to do. Two Holocron has got to be better than one.
You unleash a powerful shot of laser piss from your mouth and it hits the Sith Holocron making a huge explosion.
You take the two holocrons and take over as leader of the Empire. You'll rebuild the Empire and rule it with an iron fist.
Or something like that.
You get an interesting challenge from a Sith lord...
You will have a chance to succeed or fail at this task. This task is a direct challenge to your strength as a Jedi. You will have to prove yourself and follow your own path.
The challenge is:
You will have to slay a beast that has never been slain before. You will have to do this with the assistance of a knight.
That beast?  None other than:
Yaddle the Misguided: Jedi Master Council Member and Sith Lord
She is quite powerful in the ways of the force. She will also have several strong knights helping her.
The moral of the story: Never attempt to slay a beast you do not understand.