EP328 #1

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The sea breeze is clean,
beyond the murmured ocean
you can hear a ghost.

A voice from beyond the grave,
a whisper in your ear,
"I'm sorry for what you've done."
> You paddle harder until the water is still, you look at the horizon.
You paddled hard as long as you could, but now it's not enough. The waves are too big and the wind is too strong to keep going.
you drift across the sea, and fall asleep. You awake to the sound of a horn.
The horn wakes you. You lie there for a second, staring up at the clouds as you collect your thoughts.
You meet Jason, the Captain of the AIPD ship. His crew includes Tony, Jim and Cory.  He invites you onto his ship. You tell him you have to get back to your friends, but you can stay on board the ship for the journey.
The four of you duck into a side corridor to talk.
> You ask Jim, Cory and Tony about Jason. Tony introduces you to WIlison, a volleyball with a face on it that Tony is sexually drawn to.
"He's a bit eccentric," says Jim.
"Captain F degrees," says Cory. "He likes to talk for hours about World War 3 and the final battle with the Colonel Kornish army."
Jason walks into the room and announces that "Dinner is ready" in a sing-song voice. His eyes are glazed and he's holding a spear that was once someone you saw.
The meal is silent without the Professor or the Dwarf, but Jason seems not to notice.
> You ask Jason what that spear is made out of.
"It's made out of the bones of the Rushen people!" says Captain F. "I found it in a cave during our last map-read! It took days to cart out all the bones ourselves!"
Tony leans over and whispers to you "Don't ask about the dwarf"
You nod and start to eat, you are extremely hungry. The food is like... rocks.
> You ask Jason who is steering the ship. Jason says, "Whoopsie."
The ship is steaming across the open sea, and it's obvious who is at the helm. A skeletal pirate sits in the captain's chair.
He rocks back and forth and says, "Wubba lubba dub dub."
Behind him stands a large pirate, clearly aoston by the large amount of alcohol he's drinking.
You say, "Rick?"
He throws a bottle at you and it shatters into a million pieces, "Ha ha! You like my ship? I built it myself!"
The large pirate walks up to you and punches you in the face.
Jason stabs him with a spear and shouts "UNH! Oh, sorry, Captain F.
you complain "can this thing go any faster"?" Rick flies into a rage and punches you in the face again.
You slump to the floor and say "Please, I'm just trying to survive."
Rick snorts and hands you a glass of alcohol, "Here, drink up!"
You down the glass and fall unconscious. You wake up an unknown time later to find Rick standing over you.
He sniffs, "You smell nicer than last time.
> You start running for the escape dingy.
The dingy is close by, make a run for it!
You start sprinting towards the dingy. Rick charges at you like a pissed off... er... bear.
You hop on the dingy and float til you reach the polar ice cap. You row to the nearest base, the SOS Arctic Base.
You burst through the hatch with the rest of your friends in tow. You are covered in frost and Rick in general.
you descend into the arctic base to find it empty with blood on the floor.
"Where is the Professor?" you scream.
A team-mate shouts, "He and a dwarf stole our ship and sailed off to discover the Mountain of Fire!"
your thoughts are interrupted by a loud screech, you go to investigate.  You find a large red dragon blocking the exit to the hanger.
The moral of the story: Don't go stealing things from red dragons. They're bad news.