EP321 #3

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Magical morning, before teledildo flaps into the dolphin.
"Oh shit! It's a fucking dolphin!" you shout and run for cover behind some rocks.
> You watch the dolphin wrestle with the teledildo.
You stand back to observe the fight between the dolphin and the teledildo. The dolphins are clearly winning, but then they suddenly stop fighting each other and start attacking the Teledildos head on.
> You the teledildo sputters and washes up on shore.
The threeway finally over, the other two fishermen come out from their tents and congratulate the fisherman who caught the most fish. You ask if you can have a ride back to the university.
a man rushes into the sea with teledildos in hand, its Jason, a guy who believes that dolphins bleed butter. The others follow him into the water. You stay on the shoreline and look on as the man tosses the two "dolphins" over his shoulder, yelling at them the whole time.
> You the fisherman throws the dolphins onto the sand.
You sit on the warm sand and watch the man approach with a frown. He tosses the two "dolphins" to you, one to each shoulder, and angrily shouts at you both to follow.
Jason urges you all over as he prepares to dissect the "dolphin". Jason says "That's no dolphin, its full of fish guts, you weirdo!"
"I thought it was a dolphin, there was blood and stuff." you defend.
Jason cuts it open and you are amazed to see that it's insides were actually filled with blood, this thing must have been a great fisher! He tosses the guts into the ocean to feed the fishes.
"That's just gross."
> You see an injured teledildo wash up on the shore.
You notice a strange, rubbery looking device begin to wash up on shore. You go over and retrieve it after another fisherman comes over to ask you what you are doing.
you show the fisherman the teledildo and ask how it works. He tells you that you just twist it a certain way and it shoots out a huge virtual camera that can take pictures that are so detailed, you could use them as credit cards.
> You twist one of the teledildos.
You twist the device a certain way and it begins to glow. You take a closer look at the device and realize that it is made up of a bunch of tiny cameras, all hooked together. "This is pretty cool!"
you realize that every teledildo is a recording device, you look on the bottom to see their made by Reindrob industries.
"There's gotta be some sort of law against this." You say out loud.
"Yeah, like they're actually going to fine me for having these." You slip the device into your pocket.
you look out to the sea and see a large wave of teledildos barreling down on you. You realize that you need to hide the device and do it quickly.
> You hide the device inside your pants.
You hold your hands in the air and wave them about. The devices begin to detect your hands and outline them in a different color, a blue outline appears around the top of your pants and down both legs.
The orgy of teledildos head right for your pants. The devices float down and begin to vibrate, buzzing against the outline.
"What's going on?" You ask.
The orgy of porn passes you by.
"Oh my god!" You scream. "What the hell are these things?"
The devices continue to buzz and outline your entire body, you feel like a high tech beacon attracting sex robots.
"HEY YOU!" A man calls out. "What's the deal with these?"
"I don't know!" You yell back. "These gadgets are so new they haven't been banned or anything. We're just recording and streaming the content right now."
> You the video goes viral.
You turn off the device and your body immediately stops being outline and the devices float off of you, disappearing into the air.
The sky suddenly becomes dark, it sounds like rain.
"We should go." You say.
As you're picking yourself up off the sand, a small crowd of people begin to gather. You see the same man from before with a frown on his face.
You ask the man, "Why are you frowning, I almost died out there!"
The man turns and points to the sky, "That's why." He storms off.
You aren't sure you understand what he means, but you run to your car still looking at the dark clouds.
A massive torrent of teledildonic slime hits your car and sends you into the ocean. You are never seen again.
The moral of the story: Don't steal sex robots, seriously.
The haiku of the story:
A bizarre banned sex toy
That killed a man.
- The End