EP320 #1

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You are Misalife, an AIPD chat member that always gets annoyed whenever KyrilGrey gets the chance to ask you whether your username is based off of Death Note. You insist it is your real name, but he ain't having, so you finally use some sort of screen sharing software and both watch Death Note together. Kyril is watching it for the 4th time by now, so he already knows every single event that occurs within the series, as Kyril starts feeling tempted to give spoilers, Episode One begins... You lean back in your chair as the Anime-style intro plays.

"This is a story about a boy named Light who was born with extraordinary abilities. He has the ability to control people's minds, and can kill them from a distance without any effort on his part."
you decide to get some snacks for your viewing party and get a bag of potato chips that you eat very dramatically while you watch.

"He also has a twin brother named Darkness, who is just like him except he doesn't have powers. They were raised separately since their parents didn't want them to be influenced by each other.
Kyril, knowing that you've never seen Death Note before begins to drop fake spoiler after fake spoiler to troll you. You don't get mad though, instead you laugh at how cool he is.
Your Mum, who is Disappointed that Kyril Grey 3 thinks your name is from Death Note even though it's not your real name.
Finally, the opening song ends and the episode begins.
The electricity goes out and you two are sitting in the dark.  Kyril describes the entire episode to you.
Lotteria: A weird dead end that holds a key to everything
Mikhail: A puppet master with eyes all over the city
Lars: A killer with a friendly demeanor
Willy: A man who can't make up his mind
Jesse: A sadistic killer for hire
Mikhail: A friendly psychopath
Lars: A friendly loner
Willy: A strange holy man
Light Turner: The greatest
Kyril acts out one of the scenes for you, you're cracking up the whole time.
Kyril: This is a tough one, since Light can't be stopped by the police and can kill anyone within a few minutes.
You the suspect the Kyril has been lying or embellishing detaisl about the series just to mess with you so you look at Wikipedia and spoil the entire series.
You: This is what happens when a boy meets a witch.
Kyril: This is just the first chapter and the series gets even more interesting as it goes on.
you suggest one of your favorite shows to Kyril for you to watch next. Your favorite show is  Top Gear
Kyril: Cars are way nicer than steampuffs.
You: But what about Andy? He's an interesting guy and he has some great stories.
Kyril says "theres a Top Gear anime we can watch"
You: Top Gear is about cars, not steampuffs.
Kyril: Yeah, but they drive so fast and do so much crazy stuff its still pretty entertaining.
You come clean and tell Kyril that you know he was lying and the you looked on Wikipedia to fact check him about Death Note. He accepts your explanation.
Kyril: Damn, I hate it when people do that. It's bad for business.
You: It's a pretty bad idea to try to fool your fans.
The moral of the story: If you're a celebrity, never try to fool your fans.