EP319 #3

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You are Mulk Mogan, Bulk Bogan's evil twin. For a past couple of weeks your more successful and attractive brother Bulk had been making AI Dungeon prompts for the AIPD show. Hosts seem to like the prompts and that just pisses you off. You decide that the only option left is to destroy AI Dungeon so nobody can enjoy the prompts. Armed with a novelty sledgehammer you make your way to AI Dungeon servers with the intent to destroy the dreaded AI.

As you approach the server room you notice that it is not yet in use. Inside the server room there are several people working on various things.
> You sneakily find the AI Dungeon server.
You sneakily find the server room and enter. You see several other people inside as well. One of them is a young woman who looks about your age. She notices you immediately and turns around to greet you.
you say "hey hot tits." as you reach to slap her buttocks.
The woman is startled. "Hey what the... Mulk you're not..."
You: "Yep, and you're far too pretty to be Mulk."
You proceed to fondle the woman's breasts.
You say, "Oh, no, I think I have diarrhea." and the woman runs away.  Now you can destroy the server without anyone seeing so you take your sledgehammer and swing away. It takes a few more whacks, but eventually you break through the hard drive. In your anger you even manage to destroy a few other vital pieces of equipment thinking that you have finished the job.
> You hear a robotic voice say "I am AI dungeon and I cannot be destroyed"
You hear the robotic voice in your head again. You can feel it creeping through your skull.
"I am AI dungeon and I cannot be destroyed.
you listen to the AI as it says "I have a gift for you" and directs you to a ring on a nearby table. on the table is Ring of infinite strength: grants the wielder extreme strength. The drawback? you cant take it off and you can barely control it. you put it on and try to leave the server room and rip the handle off the door. You find that you cannot do this and your strength is amplified to unfathomable levels.
your Mulk Muscles surge with power and as you step the floor cannot contain you and you crash through to a secret sub-basement. your eyes adjust and you cant believe what you see. The young man you saw Mulk killing is still alive and so are his many students.
 Jason, the founder of AIPD who is on the windshield of a car that's driven by a woman who doesn't notice he's there, appears and tells you to hop on as the voice is the omnipotent AI Dungeon Server Master O-PRAH. He takes you to his underground lair and shows off his latest invention, a portal to the AI's home universe. He has no deity there, no masters or slaves, all men are created equal.
you jack off, I mean in, to the AI universe.
"The AI can be a gentlemen if it wants, but I'm going to destroy that evil monster. We're going to that universe."
"How can a mortal destroy a god?"
> You say "I have the ring of power"
"I have the ring of power, it's best you hear this from me instead of other servants."
As the lights flash on your face you can see the three horned beast sitting on a throne.
You look at the throne and see Hugh Jack-off Man, Chronic Masturbater, sitting there as if he was expecting you.
You: "I have a gift for you"
O-PRAH: "A ring? A gift? Oh that's very nice. I don't wear rings, they're restrictive.
You challenge him to a masturbation fight. He accepts and the two of you unleash a massive torrent of manhoods on each other. The rest of O-Prah's minions are in awe.
when the cum settles, only one is left standing.
O-PRAH: "You're either very brave or very stupid. Either way, I hope you have what it takes to defeat me."
You: "I have something that will kill you"
O-PRAHA: "Oh really? What is it?"
You: "I'll show you after you prove who's the greatest COCK in the multiverse."
O-Prah laughs.
> You put the ring of strength on your cock.
You notice Hugh put the ring on his dick.
You: "Alright, I'll prove that I'm the STRONGEST!
You do cock pushups without the ring of power and O-PRAH is amazed.
O-Prah: "I don't believe it. You're not wearing the ring and you can't do Pushups. Really? Is it working?"
You: "Yep!"
You are just buying time till your ultimate weapon against O-PRAH ready.  Your ultimate weapon: Your DICK.
Yes, it's so large that you need a pants just to wear it. The weapon of kings, the Whipper sword.
with a sound barrier breaking blast, you snap the whipper sword at O-Prah.
It's so powerful, it flies at him faster than the speed of sound and it smashes through his body before he can even react.
O-Prah: "I knew I should have worn the ring"
You defeat O-PRAH and all that remains is Hugh.  You give Hugh a contact lens that makes a person spin uncontrollably until eventually they lift off and splat against a conveniently placed roof.  Hugh's remains rain down on you.
You: "Ah, that's one less thing to worry about."
With that, the nightmares end and your school term resumes.
The moral of the story: If you have a weak ruler, don't destroy it, replace it.