EP319 #2

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You are Jim.  You are in quarantine and locked inside a hotel room in Bangkok for the next two weeks. I know you probably feel like shit right now, but trust me when I say that it will pass.

I'm sorry about this, but we have to do something here before things get out of hand again.
you try to pass the time with A collection of obscure porn tapes from 1976.

It's not long after your arrival at the hotel that things start getting worse.
You await your room service, but it never comes.  You look outside and are frightened to see a horde of writhing black creatures climbing over the walls. You run for the bathroom, but they have replaced the door with a giant insect-like monster which flies forward and bites you on the arm.
You are saved by Dennis Rodman who knocks the creatures off of you with an ironing board.
The man from the hotel appears and explains that someone by the name of Mr. F is having the food brought directly to their rooms and that you have been chosen at random.
you show Mr. F the injury on your arm and he looks scared as he runs off. Soon after, two people in hazmat suits and guns arrive to escort you and Mr. Rodman somewhere.
Outside, you see a massive horde of creatures tearing the helicopter from its bindings and chewing on the tail end. A South-East wind seems to be blowing them in your direction.
> You and Rodman head to the rooftop of the hotel.
You and Mr. Rodman take the elevator to the rooftop where you find a small blue helicopter.
You ask Rodman "can you fly this thing?". Rodman nods and you both get in the helicopter as a small cloud of black insects rushes towards you. You put your bit hand out to stand and they float silently, as if waiting for orders.
You grab a gun with your other hand and start firing at the creatures as they swarm over the helicopter.
Soon you have cleared the area of the insects and the two of you are heading back to civilization.
> You land the helicopter in North Korea.
You and Mr. Rodman arrive at the airport in North Korea and step out of the helicopter. A large group of people wearing the same uniforms as you wait for you.
Rodman suggest breaking the ice with a game of basketball? your insect bite throbs and as you take a 3-pointer time seems to stop.
You miss completely and the shot goes through the net.
I wonder if you'll be able to find your way back? hours pass and the sun has fallen by the time you realize that you are lost.
your sleep that night is plagued with dreams of the sky swarming with the black insects. You awaken to the sound of buzzing. To your horror you find that the sun is rising and that the entire sky has been taken over by the insects. You can barely breathe as you run frantically, trying to avoid the swarming insects.
You wake up from your nightmare and realize you are still in your quarantine hotel room in Bangkok. The red light on your phone tells you that you have a new message.
It's from Mr. F and simply says "One down, hundreds to go".
you look at your arm and notice the insect bite persists. You head to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You look like a deranged Peter Pan looking at a never-ending horde of black ants.
The moral of the story: if a man can fly, any bug can....hehehehehe
you look forward to our next adventure.
Good luck!