EP310 #1

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You are Jeremy Renner, an actor living in your mansion with your family. One day your butler called you and told you that something has happened. Your butler tells you that "Tony, the man who wants you dead, is back in Town". You don't know what to think.

Your first thought is that maybe Tony was lying about everything and he really did come back, but then again it could be a coincidence.
You hire a private decoctive named Daphne to keep an eye on Tony. She's not very good at her job since she's too busy playing around with herself all the time, but eventually she catches up to him. He runs away and you have no choice but to kill him.
> You and Daphne hide Tony's body behind the music studio where you record your shitty music.
You and Daphne hide the man's body behind the recording studio. Then you decide to contact all the people that were involved into the Renner family into ratting on each other.
Geraldine Renner, Jeremy's grandmother tells you the following 10 secrets about us:
1. Geraldine has known your mother since they were little girl.
2. Geraldine doesn't think much of your mother or you as a person.
3. She thinks that your mother is a pretty snooty bitch that only cares about herself.
4. She has no love for your father and looks down on him.
5. She thinks that you are a meek and weak person who doesn't have a care in the world.
6. She wants to get rid of you so she can take over your mother's will.
7. Geraldine has had a very close relationship with your aunt and would like to continue that relationship after aunt's death.
8. She plans on killing you and then framing your aunt for it.
9. After all this is over and done with, she's going to leave the country.
10. She wishes she could be a singer, but her voice sucks.
you invite Geraldine to visit you on the set of your new Hawkeye movie.
Geraldine arrives at your mansion on the movie set.
"So, you're going to make me look like a murderer?" Geraldine says getting in your face.
You push Geraldine off the balcony of your mansion. Nobody sees except for your aunt, Jenny Renner.  You can't believe she's spying on you.
The fall kills Geraldine instantly. You check her pulse but she's gone. This was too easy.
you explain the situation to your aunt Jenny, and sweeten the deal by saying she can be in your film.
You use the death of Geraldine to your advantage in the will. Now it's just a waiting game for the cops to show up and arrest your mother.
The cops arrest your mother for the murder of Geraldine.
You get away with shit because you're famous.
> You the courts have acquitted you, but society won't forgive you.
You've made it out of the legal system, but you've got a lot of enemies. This includes the justice system and the public in general.
You become someone to be feared and ultimately avoided.
Disney calls and tells you that your Hawkeye show is cancelled. The studio heads think you're too toxic to have in the house now. They didn't think that when your first movie came out.
You go out to lunch with friend John Gotti, a mobster who's gonna play Mrs Doubtfire in the Gritty remake of the classic Family film. Mr. Gotti has his face covered by a black bandana and a small eye patch over his left eye, he's the complete opposite of your nice act.
"Eat," he says pushing a forkful of food in your face.
> You refuse the  .
You don't eat the forkful of food pushed in your face by John Gotti. You're a humble person. The only thing you'll ever need to do on this planet is act.
You get a bit part as the villainous boyfriend in the Mrs Doubtfire remake. You're proud of yourself for landing such a part despite your criminal past.
Offers to portray you in films come pouring in. The offers are almost too many to count.
The moral of the story: it's always better to eat the poisoned food.