EP307 #2

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The world is barren. You are the lone survivor. Venture west to green. There, you will find a new home for your kind.

You have survived and thrived in this harsh land. Now it's time to take back what was yours.
You take out  An Ipod 3 with "Hey Mickey" on it and listen to the song while you search abandoned buildings in town for supplies. A dog starts to follow you. He's skinny, hungry and has an eye missing. You throw a piece of meat at him. He immediately becomes friendly and fidgets excitedly while wagging his tail.
> You name him:
You name your new best friend "Meat". The rest of the week goes without incident.
Two Weeks Later...
You haven't eaten in days.
you are walking along an overpass when you see a campfire in the distance. A man and a woman are sitting around it. You stumble forward, stomach growling. They look up at you, startled.
The man stands up. He is carrying a rifle. "Who's there?
> You say "Don't shoot!  I'm friendly!"
He lowers his gun. "Are demons after you? We have supplies. We can trade."
You try to remember the last time you ate something that wasn't a can of tuna and a box of crackers.
you scrounge up all of your scrap and ask "can I buy the gun?"
He raises an eyebrow, then shrugs and hands over the gun. You quickly take it and check it. It's an old hunting rifle. "It's accurate, at least.
You hear what sounds like a demon in the distance.
The man looks worried. "Exactly. Now what did you want to buy?"
You hold up the gun. "I'm actually looking for something to kill demons with."
He shakes his head. "I sold my last shotgun to buy food for my family. If you want ammo, it's on the other side of the camp..."
Your dog begins to growl and senses something is wrong. You drop the gun and begin to run.
A gunshot rings out, and you feel a sharp pain in your back. You stumble and fall.
You turn around to see the old couple and Meat fighting a giant demon that looks like a giant, angry werewolf. The demon has already killed the man and woman with a claw to the throat and is now lunging at the old man, who is firing the rifle at it.
you take out your only weapon and lunge at the beast.
The grizzled veteran fights back with his rifle, but eventually he's overwhelmed and killed.
Blood stains the ground. You turn to face the demon once more.
You are out of bullets.
you swing with insane rage.
You miss, and the demon leaps on you, tearing through your flesh with its claws and biting into your skull with its long fangs.
You die in a spray of blood and flesh.
The beast leaves you for dead, you bleed out next to a can of hot spoiled tuna.  Meat drags your body to a nuclear spill and you are brought back to life from the massive amounts of radiation. Your body is mutated, twisted and broken. Hunchbacked and with a huge beard, you are no longer human.
> You hunt werewolf demons with your new powers.
You endure the brutal transformation and set out to find your kind. It's dark, but thanks to your large nose you can easily track the werewolf-demons.
you sniff out a pack of werewolf-demons. They are feasting on the old man who died clutching his rifle.
You pounce, snarling and howling. The demons are scared and panicking, and don't stand a chance.
> You and "meat" eat werewolf for dinner.
You trot along with your "dog", sniffing the ground. You find a cave, and you decide to wait in it until dawn. You'll be able to ambush passing demons.
You and Meat get big and strong and become super predators after feasting on werewolves. Unfortunately, you now have to eat humans. While you don't mind it and are in fact hungry all the time now, it does complicate things.
You set out to hunt humans.
The moral of the story: Eating humans is f-ing evil.