EP307 #1

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You are Salad Cop, you can toggle your disguise: leafy green justice.

"I see you have a good sense of smell, I am also an excellent liar and deceiver. So what do we have here? A thief and a con man!"
> You wrestle the man to the ground and put him in handcuffs.
You grab the man by his collar and pull him up off the floor. He struggles but you hold on tight.

"I'm not a thief! I don't steal from people!" he says.
You arrive at the county jail and offer the thief his one call.  The thief calls your brother Fruit Salad, who is a criminal lawyer.
"You can't put me in jail, I'm not a criminal!" your client shouts.
Fruit Salad arrives and tells the crook to say nothing. Fruit Salad says "you're a loose tong Salad Cop."
Fruit Salad takes him to the car.
Tony, a guy who is wanted by the police for stealing the money Jason earned making AIPD, t-bones Fruit Salad trying to escape.  You arrest him, but he hires Fruit Salad as his lawyer and gets out on bail.
Again you arrive at the jail and this time, you bring your sidekick, Boring.
"Let me guess, a guy named Tony?" Boring asks.
You ignore boring and take Tony to the holding pen while he awaits sentencing.  As you put him in, you see Goldentusk, a Raccoon in disguise as a rookie officer, asks to do a ride-along.  You agree and patrol the streets.
You arrive at the jail and the two of you enter the cellblock.
"Ah, a fellow officer!" the rookie exclaims, shaking your hand.
> You tell Goldentusk to sit in the back of the squad of the squad car as you patrol a bad neighborhood.
"I'm a cop! I have the final say on the street!" you boast.
"Hey, that's not how the job works!" Goldentusk says, pulling out his gun for dramatic effect.
you say "thats not how you spin a gun" and take out your pistol and start spinning and flipping it through the air.
"Woah, easy there chief! I was just fucking with you!" Goldentusk says.
As you exit the jail, you find another officer trying to explain something to a bystander.
you say "damn right im chief, now go get me a coffee" and the bystander leaves after telling his friend to call the police.
You arrive at your precinct and find one of your fellow officers telling some other cops "he's gone! He's fucking disappeared!"
> You discover Tony has escape from jail.
You arrive at the jail and ask some other officers where the security cameras are. You find one in the washroom and see a figure dressed in a police uniform take something from the toilet.
You turn off the camera and break out your night stick.  You say, "What's that you just pulled from the toilet?"
"A cigarette lighter." A cop responds.
"Get the fuck outta here, theres no one in here that smokes." You say. "was it you?"
"Nope." They says.
> You pull out your gun for dramatic effect.
You search the cop and find a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. You show it to the other officers and say "he's a fucking liar, he must have found the pack when the killer put it down there."
Epilogue: You shake your head and ask "who killed the security guard?"
One of the officers says, "I saw a man in a white suit enter the building just before it happened, I'm sure of it.
The moral of the story: If you want to solve a mystery, be sure to check the