EP305 #3

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You are Officer Cory, a Vampire nanorat.  Seline has been pissing all over the AIPDstation, a mobile space satellite you built two years ago after you finally shot those pesky werewolves with your gunswords. You must find your three AIPD hosts: Jason, Tony, and Jim.  Then you must discover what your true career should have been, before you became a vampire in the first place.

You open up the door to the room, which is now filled with lights. The three of them are sitting on chairs, staring at you. They look like they're waiting for something.
Jim says "we need to talk" as he stands up from his chair. He walks towards you, and puts his hand on your shoulder. His eyes are very intense, almost predatory.

Cory looks at him for a moment, then nods slowly.
Jason sees the nod and opens a cage containing the Space Highlander. He lets it out, and the creature walks over to you. It's a green, scaly, lizard-like creature with three heads and two bladders in its body.
The lizardman says to you "you must join me in space for an important mission"
One of it's heads looks at you and says "I want to eat your brains, for nutrition"
It laughs, then says "and I want to eat your..."
It stops, looking at you.
Cory asks "Who are you? What do you want?"
The creature looks at him for a moment, before looking at you. It says "I am Halycon, captain of the vessel Herald. Your three hosts are wanted criminals on the run.
Suddenly Selene, your vampire friend that is dressed in a beautiful black dress and has guns in her purse, drops from the ceiling and knocks out Halycon.
She takes a step towards you, smiling.
Cory points his gun at you and yells "Selene! Who are this fucker, what did he do?!
Seline says "he is an imposter" and blows his heads off with a pistol.
She then says to you "I have been sent to assist you, the real captain is on a space mission right now".
Selene suddenly becomes very upset.
Seline says to you "I am so sorry, my dear captain. I got confused".
Selene walks over to you and hugs you tightly.
you promote Seline and Selene as your crew mates and board the space ship.
You begin the intergalactic voyage of your new career, with your lovely space-faring vampire girlfriend.
> You fool around and play kissy face with Seline and Selena in the space lock.
The lights dim in the room, showing a large viewscreen playing scenes from dull space. The camera is located in one of the troop-ships of the station, and shows a small convoy of transport ships.
you drop your heavy load in Selines docking bay.
"Oh, baby!" she smiles, picking you up. "Let's fool around!"
Suddenly the viewscreen goes blank.
Seline laughs "I think someone turned off the cameras".
> You hear a large explosion.
You turn, and see the viewscreen show a view of the convoy, with an expanding ring of fire around it.
Selene exclaims "They shot down our ships! They're attacking us!
You receive a transmission from Halycon who is holding Jason, Jim, and Tony hostage. "You idiots think this is fucking funny? You idiots think this is fucking funny?!"
Seline hugs you tightly, and says "They're attacking our ships, my darling. We might be destroyed".
you take Seline and Selene to the escape pod and put it on a crash coarse with Halycon's ship.
The two women kiss, and then the three of you strap in.
Selene says "Send the signal now, to activate the self destruct mechanism".
You ship self destructs flinging the the escape pod you are in toward Halycon's ship.  Before he can understand what has happened, you surround him.
You and Selene get out, dragging unsuspecting man with you. You look around and see Jim and Jason with the bodies of several Turric soldiers lying over them, dead from your attacks.
> You say "What happened to Tony?"
The man you dragged out of the escape pod is Jim. He simply takes off running, with surprising speed for a fat man, and hides in one of the many maintenance shafts.
You chase after Jim and easily catch up to his fat ass.  You demand that he tell you where Tony is. Jim pleads with you, but you are unmoved.
You grab him and start squeezing his fat neck, signaling for the other man to talk. He tells you he doesn't know.
You look over and see what happened to Tony: his neck is snapped. You waste no time in killing Jim.
You hear a strange noise. It's your ship's automatic repair system. The ship now has fixed all critical systems.
You use the ship's automatic repair system to revive Jim and Tony and fix their necks.  It works! You're an idiot!
You quickly repaste the broken sensor array and leave the maintenance shaft. Selene should be along any minute to retrieve the three of you.
The moral of the story: Having a sexy space officer around is a good thing!
You board the ship's shuttle, which is waiting on the edge of the platform. Selene is already waiting for you in the shuttle.