EP302 #2

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You are Sanstar, a space mercenary who makes a living doing tough contracts. You have been given the contract to steal a strange gem, the moonstone, which has the power to control gravity. The one who possesses it is Dr Reindrob, but he is not alone, his disciple the nano-rat vampire knows as officer Cory is with him.

The mission will be dangerous and you must face your fears if you want to succeed. Good luck!
The contract tells states the last known location of Officer Cory: a sewer filled with werewolves.

Your job is simple: you need to find Officer Cory and bring back the moonstone before nightfall. You can't let the werewolves get their hands on it though; they're too powerful for that.
you fashion a hairy disguise to sneak in amongst the werewolves.
Once inside the sewers, you find a dangerous place infested with werewolves.
> You up to a werewolf and say, "What's up, fellow werewolf?"
You rub your hand over the fur on your chest, proud of the fact that you are a true werewolf.
Most of the werewolves ignore you, but once nearsighted puny werewolf walks up to you and introduces himself as Wolfman. He pulls out a moonstone, which looks very much like the one you stole, and says, "Hey, have you seen this?"
> You swipe the moonstone from the werewolf, who turns back into Michael J. Fox.
You snatch the moonstone from Wolfman. He's a bit confused, but just shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his group. You follow him, trying to act like you know what you're doing.
Michael J. Fox keeps yammering something about getting back to the future, which annoys all the werewolves.  You drop the moonstone and run, scared that you'll be caught you.
you then remember your mission "Recover the moonstone, save Cory". You turn back and snatch up the stone in time to use it and all the werewolves float away. This is your big chance!
You run as fast as you can, heading deeper into the sewers. You have no idea where to go, so you just run deeper and deeper into the sewer system.
You finally come across Officer Cory sitting strapped to a chair in what looks like some underground laboratory.  You see he has tape over his mouth, which you pull off, and he says, "Don't worry, I'm not going to bite you."
He is holding a strange device in his hand. He presses a few buttons on it and you are suddenly 10 years younger. "Ha ha!
Corey leads you out of the sewers.  You are lead to a very luxurious apartment, where you see a very lucky man who is not only younger, but whole entire decade. "Cory, you've saved me!" he exclaims, hugging the rat.
Cory hands you the Ultima knife. "Don't you recognize this?"
You look at the knife and remember the terrifying night you lost it. You looked all over for it, but could never find it again. You have no memory of this knife.
Cory slaps you in the face, and suddenly you remember everything.  "I lost this knife at my friend's house. I was drunk and forgot I had it. It was a terrible mistake that I've lived with for years."
Cory seems even more confused than before.
> You realize you have lost ten years' worth of memories.
The realization hits you hard. It's all flooding back to you now. You have no idea who you are, and you're certainly not a werewolf.
Your stomach turns at the thought.
> You say "you check your data pad and see your next objective "eliminate Dr. Reindrob."
You head out of the apartment, and into the sewers. You travel through the sewers, using your map to try to find the headquarters of the Wolf Order.
> You reach the headquarters. It is empty, except for a single old man. "I've been waiting you," he says.
You are lead past a huge lab where half-man, half-wolf mutants wander around. Every now and then one will growl or stare at you with yellow teeth and bleeding eyes.
The man introduces himself, "Hello, I am Dr Weredrob, please a take a seat." He gestures to what looks to be a steel throne covered in blood and guts.
> You say "you take a squishy seat on the throne."
You take a seat on the throne, as the Doctor begins to talk. "Now, tell me, how can I help you, Sir?"
You take a moment to gather your words. You have no idea what to ask, it is all so terrifyingly strange to you.
"I want to be a werewolf!" You proclaim, simply.
"Well," Dr. Weredrob begins, "I suppose you could start with something much simpler. Perhaps a cure for lycanthropy?"
You're not sure what to make of this request.
The moral of the story: Don't try to reason with Snuffit. It's far too complicated for you.