EP301 #2

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You are Doctor Heironomous Reindrob, a senior council member of the council of Drob. Your fellow Reindrobs have been getting too bold lately and alerting other planes of existence to the presence of the Drobiverse. You and another Reindrob from a medieval society have been tasked with finding and killing Reindrob Prime, the offender. You arm yourself with a variety of weapons and step through the portal to see the damage Prime has caused.

The portal is now covered in blood and bits of flesh.
you step through the portal to see the damage Prime has caused. the damage Prime has caused.

"We need to get out of here!" you exclaim. "I don't think I can handle this."

"You'll be fine,"
You survey the landscape and you are shocked at what has become of Earth: mountains of trash and rubble dot the landscape, nature has been entirely replaced with factories and processing plants.
The medieval Reindrob takes you to the resistance headquarters, where a dismal group of humans and Reindroboids fight the machines.
"So, this is the famous Drobapple resistance," the Reindroboid says.
you are initiated into the inner Drorder by one of their members, Miley Cyrus, the last Jedi.
"We need your help," she says.
you ask "with what?"
"We've been fighting the Drobbots for years. They're using us as fodder in their endless war on your species, the Robins.
> You say "Where is Reindrob Prime??"
"We don't know. We assumed he was dead, but it would explain why the Robins have been trying to assimilate us. They're all robot, all the time.
Miley suggest an alliance with another rebel group of discarded Amit Patel's that call themselves The  Isaiahans.
"You can't trust them," Miley warns you. "A lot of them have been killed, almost all of them by the Drobbots."
"We have something in common then,"
You organize a meeting with the isaiahans and the plan is set into motion.
Year 559
You have successfully united the remnants of the major forces fighting the Drobbots.
you look around the round table of remaining forces and see that they are all considerably weaker than the Robins, but they are the only ones in a position to help you.
> You reveal your genius plan to finally defeat Reindrob Prime.
"The Drobbots will never expect this!" you say.
"This is why we need to act now," says Doctor Kessel. "We can't wait for the Robins to make a mistake.
> You doctor Kessel reveals his sub-genius plan.
"My plan is to create an army of cute little mutant babies!" he reveals.
"What?!!" exclaims the women in the room.
you ask Dr Kessel "Whats the code name for this plan?"
Doctor Kessel looks around nervously as he whispers the name of his project to you.
"The delectable hellbenders."
The room is filled with a silence and shock.
> You ask the women what they think of the plan.
The ladies of the round table discuss the plan.
"I think it's a brilliant idea!" says Doctor Kessel.
"But won't that take years?" asks Gregory.
You hear a powerful voice say, "I've got a better plan!" and you see a raccoon named Goldentusk enter the war room carrying a battle ax.
"I'm gonna sneak into the Drobbot's base and chop their heads off!" he says. "I'm the best killer in this alliance!"
"No," says Doctor Kessel.
> You slap Doctor Kessel across the face for his stupid outbursts.
You hold your hand out and slap Kessel in the face with the golden chain you stole from his lab.
"Don't you know how this story ends?" asks Doctor Kessel.
You thrown Dr Kessel in jail and then you and Goldentusk single handedly find and kill Reindrob Prime and stop the Drobbots... for now.
You and your allies continue to fight the Robins, and you manage to hold off a fatal invasion until help arrives. The Empire of Nalin finally arrives, led by none other than Henry fucking Tudor himself!
The moral of the story: Don't piss off the Nalin Empire.