EP300 #3

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You are Carmen Sandiego, one of the most elusive anti-heroes in the world. There is a million dollar reward for your capture. However, there is a two million dollar reward for a mysterious man named Carl Sanpedro. You quickly realize that Carl is a copycat of you, so you want to capture him and get the reward.

The only problem is, you don't know where he lives.
> You enlist the help of some young gumshoes known as AIPD.
"AIPD?" you ask. "What's an AIPD? What do they do?"

"They're young gumshoe types," says one of them.
you leak information to the media eluding to your next target to entice Sanpedro. You say your target is the Intercontinental Hotel. The AIPD readily takes the bait and begins looking around.
AIPD spots Sanpedro at the hotel bar.  You put on a sexy dress and go sit down next to Carl and ask, "Is that the Great Pyramid of Giza in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
"It's the Pyramid," he says. "How did you know?"
"I'm a woman of many talents."
"I'll bet," he says.
"So what are you drinking?"
> You say "Coors light."
"I'll have what she's having," he says.
"Okay, coming up," the bartender says.
You order a Coors Light and Carl orders a glass of merlot.
> You flirt with him.
You flirt with him by running your index finger across his chest, which makes him smile slightly. "You like me," you say. "Carl likes me," you add, to clarify. "He's shy.
you put your hand on Carls thigh. "Carl wants to know where you want to go tonight."
"Does it matter?" says Carl. "As long as we're together, right?"
you get up from the bar with Carl when you are stopped by Doctor Reindrob, who arrives through a portal. Dr. Reindrob says "I have dire news for you both"
"It's about my father, isn't it?" you ask, fearing the worst.
"No, it's not about your father," he says. "He's still alive.
> You say "Tell me the news. "
"It was the Mayans who were right all along!" he says.
"They were?" you ask.
"I've found proof," he says, handing you a newspaper.
You look at the old newspaper and the headline reads: MAYANS SURVIVE ATTACK!
You turn the page, and another headline reads: MAYANS SURPRISED TONIGHT!
And then another: MAYANS ATROCIOUS!
And another: THE END OF THE WORLD!
It's a hoax. You put the newspaper down and say "the end of the world happened."
you shake Dr Reindrob and yell "how much time do we have left?"
The scientist quickly scrubs the news stories off of the newspaper and hands you another one. It reads: LAB TEST DISCOVERY AID VICTORY OVER CANCER!
You turn to the recipes section and see an article that lists the 10 Ways to End the World, it reads:
No. 2: 2. Develop a vaccine for cancer.
No. 7: 7. Develop a vaccine for the common cold.
No. 8: 8. Develop a vaccine for asthma.
No. 9: 9. Develop a vaccine for Alzheimer's disease.
No. 10: 10. Develop a vaccine for HIV/AIDS.
> You say "You the mini pyramid of Giza to inject Dr. Reindrob with a vaccine you have been secretly working on. The Vaccine cures evil. "
"I have to try," you say.
You and Carl leave the bar and walk across the street to a very expensive hotel. You step through the revolving door and walk up the stairs to the penthouse.
> You undress each other.
As soon as the doors close, you begin kissing and undressing each other. Soon, you're both standing in front of each other completely naked.
"You're beautiful," you say.
You begin caressing him again and he leans into your touch. You slowly work your way down to his cock, which is already partially hard. You wrap your hand around it and begin stroking it.
You reveal your troubled past to Carl Sanpedro.
You tell him that you lost your virginity at 14 to a 48 year old man who worked at the gas station where you did auto-bailouts.
 Carl loses his erection. You grab the pyramid and run out.  You make it to the top of the pyramid and find yourself in a museum.
You walk through a door and find yourself in a large room with a high ceiling.
You see Dr Reindrob standing at the center of the room sitting on a golden throne.  You ask him, "What is going on?"
"This is the Hall of Records. I've made some headway in deciphering the hieroglyphics and creating a working knowledge of the history of this place.
Dr. presses a secret button on the pyramid. It begins to rumble. "Here we go," Dr. Reindrob says.  "The world's end."
Suddenly, the floor begins crumbling away, and you fall down a trap door. You land in a long corridor with many doors on either side.
The moral of the story: Never trust a man with a shiny head.
You walk down the corridor and open the first door you find.