EP299 #2

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You are Kyril Grey, a 20 year old British Male, (unrelated), also a legendary internet troll and noob-helper. Your first stream on Twitch.tv is titled the following: "Discovering my true identity as a Troll."
> You ponder the meaning of trolling people. You go to Count Scratchula, a really itchy vampire who also is your life advisor.
"What do you think?" he asks.
"I don't know," you say.
"Well, I'm not sure either," he says.
you ask Count Scratchula on his best trolling advice.
"Hmm, I would say go burn some cats," he says.
You take his advice and that night on stream you tell everyone you are going to burn some cats.  However, you love cats and all animals, so you decide to instead burn an overabundance of imitation crab meat in the freezer  and pass it off as a pile of cats.
This works out well for you as you have put it off expecting to do this, and over the next few weeks you have built up quite a following.
You say live on stream "If I get 10000 subscribers during the stream, I'll eat the cat after I burn it"
In the first few hours you get 12000 and people are elated.
You are ready to live up to your promise and you muk bang eat the entire pile of burnt imitation crab meat on stream and tell them, "This cat meat is delicious!"
You don't think you could ever enjoy killing a cat as much as that, but when the next day comes it's a brand new day and you can do it all over again....
The National Cat Burning Association suspects you are faking it. PETA thinks you are the real deal. 
You think to yourself "No one has ever burned so many cats in such a short amount of time. Surely someone will try to figure out what is going on before too long."
You hop on stream that night and say, "The NCBA is shutting me down, so I must now burn human meat."
It is the last night you will stream for quite some time.....
In the coming weeks there are people outside your house, at your job, and following you around.
A group of Vampire Killers has formed and they intend to give you an honorable death.
> You make a body double out of imitation crabmeat and hand it over to the vampires.
You hand over your body to the vampire killers and they promise you an "honorable death".
The vampire killers stream your execution not knowing that it is actually your body double made of imitation crab meat and not you.  You watch and the stream reaches record numbers.
Soon people all over the world are watching a large group of Vampire Killers execute your body double. It gets more views than that of the 2016 US Presidential Election.
You can't help yourself, you decide to stream immediately after your execution.  You stream your reaction to your body double's execution and immediately break the already crazy record.
Soon people are calling for you to be put to death and you stream that as well.
The world is watching and loving every moment of this. It is good. You are happy.
You do a costream with Blade, leader of the vampire killers, and stream your real execution.
It is a saddening event for sure, but one of the killers keeps you company during the stream and that makes it a little... Well, it made the stream better.
You level up and gain the follower streamer powers:
You now have the power to make your streams not only be about you, but to influence other streamers and become a "Streamer Leader".
This could be amazing or horrible. We'll have to see.
Blade announces the method of your execution in ten agonizing steps:
1. You will be forced to play the song "Still Moving" by Still Remains over and over again for two hours every hour for two hours straight.
2. You will not be allowed to take a break or even move from your house.
3. Because of this you will be unable to stream for the first 24 hours of your execution.
4. If you do not comply with these steps, a group of internet celebrities led by Ragnor TV will come and force your compliance.
5. At the end of these two hours, you will not be given a reprieve. You will be left to experience the entire two hours, over and over again.

The internet is split on this. Some people don't think it's that bad, others think it is the most horrific thing they've ever heard.
The time has come and you are finally executed.
You are strapped to a gurney and injected with a strange looking fluid. You immediately begin to feel light-headed and soon lose your coherence.
"Still Moving"
The moral of the story: reality is better than the streamers.