EP298 #3

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You are Vampire nanorat Officer Cory. After being attack by a vampire hawk woman you were turned into a vampire. She also took over the city and turned everyone into vampire hawks. In order to bring peace to the city, you must defeat the Vampire Lord Delilah.

You have been sent here to find the Vampire Lord's lair in the sewers of Rask. You will need help from other vampires to do this.
> You call your best vampire friends:.
You call all your vampire friends to join you on this mission. They all agree and say they will be ready for anything.
You call a lot of vampire friends, but only one shows up: Selene, the vampire from Underworld who is willing to help you.
"Finally decide to help me out?" You say.
"Sure, why not? I need some fresh blood anyway." She replies before laughing softly.
you arm yourself with the following anti-vampire weaponry:
Flintlock: You have a flintlock pistol that can fire simple bolts with a slight chance of setting the opponent on fire. Can only hold one bolt at a time.
Twin Silver Swords: You have 2 silver swords made for killing werewolves. They are double edged and keep their edge fairly well, though you personally favor your long bow.
Silver Shot: Small bits of silver that burn right through the skin, causing immense pain and more superficial wounds.
Crossbow: You have a basic crossbow with you for ranged attacks.
> You and beautiful Selene head into the sewers of Rask.
You find yourself in the dark and rank smelling sewers of Rask, which are fortunately crawling with werewolves.
You reveal your troubled past to Selene. She seems to find it very interesting:
"Awwwww, how sweet. Your ghoul whore stank to high heaven and you needed someone to wipe away your tears as you clumsily entered hard mode."
Selene takes you by the hand and leads you down a side sewer tunnel. She takes off her clothes.  "I understand you like pretty girls. So here I am."
She turns into a pale beautiful young girl around your age. She has long blond hair and a perky little nose.
You get ready for hard mode and proceed with the mission.
You both down the side of the tunnel and leap into the moonlight. The werewolves quickly swarm over the two of you, but Selene is more than a match for them.
> You hold your sword to the werewolf's throat and demand the whereabouts of Vampire Lord Delilah.
You hold the werewolf's sword arm behind his back and tighten your sword grip around his throat, holding it tightly against the crook of his shoulder.
You demand the whereabouts of the vampire lord Delilah and lean in for a kiss with werewolf.
However, at the last second, the wolf's head is ripped off in a spray of blood and ichor. This is no ordinary werewolf.
you look up and see that Delilah has silenced the werewolf. You say "hey there Delilah". You level up and gain the following nano-vampire-rat powers:
+ Increase in speed: 10
You leap into the air and turn toward your prey, firing your twin silver swords with deadly accuracy.
You pull out your secret weapon:  a vibrating needle (sex toy) that contains liquid wolfsbane. If you hit the werewolf's stomach or back, it should be able to turn him into a honest, hairless wolfling.
You run toward your foe, who leaps at you, snarling and howling.
You miss the stomach and accidentally shove the needle into it's butthole.
The werewolf howls in pain, doubling over.
The liquid wolfsbane activates, turning the the werewolf into a honest, naked, pain-filled wolfling. You catch it before it hits the ground and break its neck. You've now got your first vampire thrall.
"You look familiar." Delilah says.
you give your first final order to the thrall, kill Delilah.
"Yes, master, killing all who oppose you!" the thrall says.
It sweeps through the group of werewolves like a truck, crushing werewolves under it's weight.
The thrall attacks Delilah.
You grab the naked body of the werewolf and rip the vibrating needle from the butthole.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Delilah screams.
Selene charges Delilah and stabs them repeatedly.
"Very good, now stab her in the fucking eyes!" you scream.
You offer the thrall to your mistress. "You first," she says, pointing at you.
you stab at Delilah with your vibrating needle and hit her right in the mouth. It explodes with a burst of blood. She howls in pain.
"Shut up!" you say, and your thrall stabs her repeatedly.
"Now kill her!" you scream at your thrall.
Your thrall delivers the final blow to her stomach and absorbs her power.
You have conquered the city of Nuro and are now its master. However, you now feel a greater calling. You must complete the quest you first began years ago. You will reach the Craxil.
The moral of the story: Never go up to a witch, even if she is smiling at you.