EP297 #1

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You are Peter Holmes, a detective who has been hired to solve a robbery. 40 crowns were stolen from the King and Queen's kingdom. The thief could be somebody who works at the kingdom, like a butler, maid or guard or it could be a peasant who was desperate for fame and fortune. 

The king is furious that his money was taken so he has sent you on this job. He says if you can find out who did it then he will compensate you handsomely for your trouble.
You arrive at the scene to investigate when  Sherlock Holmes,your more famous,better Private detective brother is leaving the scene. Sherlock says "I doubt you'll divine anything of worth from the scene" You reply "It might just be some peasants trying to make a quick get away."

After examining the scene you discover that there is no sign of any blood or even any trace of the robber.
You hang out at the local watering hole in skid row and hang out at the bar listening for any town gossip that might give you a clue.
The barman tells you that a man called Jack Rainier was hanging out in the saloon just before the burglary. "A lot of the boys here would like to get their hands on that slick devil Rainier"
You put a tracker fairy in a pair of Rainier's dirty underwear, which he has lying on the bar, and he leaves.  You use your tracking wand to follow the fairy to his home. It leads to a small apartment in one of the better areas of the city.
You go to the door and knock, it's opens and you are face to face with a large and burly man.
> You say "You wanna fuckin go?"
"Yeah, I do" You reply.
The man just stares at you and doesn't move.
You back up and motion him to come with you. He walks alongside you as you walk into the hallway.
You take the large burley man to the police station and interrogate him. You use the tracker fairy to help you. After an hour of questioning you realize that this man has no idea who robbed the bank. You apologize to him and take your leave.
> You check the homing beacon for Rainier's current location.
You arrive at the apartment building in which Rainier lives, you notice that the tracker fairy has landed on a piece of paper on the floor next to a bin.
> You notice something written on the piece of paper:.
You open the piece of paper and read the note.
"The safe deposit box number for Rainier is: 555-2264."
You enter the combination into the bank locker and open it.
On the way into the bank you see your rival detective LeStud who is very competent and fed up you. "Holmes, how are you still employed? You have no leads whatsoever" he says.
You walk into the bank and head to the teller who gave you all the information about the robbery.
The teller points at Detective LeStud as the person who robbed them.  Mystery solved!
You exchange pleasantries with the teller and then head to the bathroom without exchanging pleasantries.
You enter the bathroom and notice a strange smell, which doesn't smell like any sort of body odour.
> You realize the smell is of new money. You follow the smell and find the stolen crowns stashed behind a toilet tank.
You notice the strange smell of new money and spot a small opening behind the toilet tank. You carefully put in your hand and grasp around for something.
You manage to grasp all of the crowns you stashed there.
The moral of the story: Always be careful not to put new money in the toilet, it might have a surprise attack mechanism.