EP295 #3

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You are Rei, a teenage boy set on finding his biological father Sir Reindrop. Sir Reindrop was know to be a viscous man whom you wish to kill for abandoning your mother. You meet Sir Reindrop at his interdimensional Mansion posing as a wealthy businessman. He is very impressed with your skills and allows you to enter his mansion.

Sir Reindrop's Mansion has many rooms filled with treasures that would make any treasure hunter drool.
> You request a DNA test from your suspected father Sir Reindrop.
The next day you head to the mansion. The door opens and you see a tall man wearing a black suit and tie standing there. His eyes are bloodshot and he looks tired.

You see Tony, a teenage boy looking for his adopted father Jason, who also is going to administer the DNA test. You walk over to him and he whispers in your ear.
"This guy looks a lot like him, but a little younger. I think this guy is him."
The results are in, in the case of Sir Reindrop and Rei, the DNA results show that you are indeed father and son.
You and your son walk out of the mansion smiling.
Sir Reindrop takes you inside his mansion to show you his most prized treasure. A yellow diamond the size of a small ball sits in a gold jewelry box on his desk.
you try to grasp the yellow diamond but Sir Reindrop wrests it from you "you mustn't use the stone boy, it would activate a Dildo shaped Nuke I keep inside me."
You are suddenly hit me a violent nosebleed, and you pass out
You wake up in a hospital bed with your son looking at you.
You turn to your son and reveal your troubled past. Your mother left when you were born and you don't know who your father is. After explaining how you felt for a long time you couldn't even remember him.
The real Reindrob, who arrives through an interdimensional portal, hands Ben Wa balls and sits down.
"How have you been doing son?"
"I'm fine father."
Sir Reindrob decides to tell you a story. One of ten years ago when he was still working as a mercenary. He was hired to steal an egg from a dragon, but the egg hatched and the young dragon killed several people before it fled back into its cave.
"I helped kill that dragon father, I..."
Sir Reindrop reveals the yellow diamond is the last remaining diamond egg and its hatching will cause the world to end.
You go the hospital Armory and pull out the Excalido, the Excalibur of dildos, and head to destroy the diamond egg.
You begin to yell in pain as you feel a sharp object enter your ass. The Dildo is very large and was placed into you by the ghost of Eliza, the girl you saved from the mental hospital.
> You the power of the dildo spreads throughout your body.
The pain s spread throughout your body as your get an erection. The ghost of Eliza will never know the pleasure of sex with you.
"If you think this is bad, just wait until it hatches."
You keep trying, but the more you try to get it out of you the deeper it goes.  You must find a way to remove the Excalido and destroy the egg.  You get a brilliant idea: Shrink yourself.
You begin to pray to all the gods of dildos for help. Ben Wa balls, magic rocks and spicy foods are consumed in an attempt to make your body smaller.
> You your body shrinks until the dildo is forced out of you. It strikes the yellow diamond, shattering it and saving the world.
The pain goes away and you begin to notice your body has shrunk. You are now the size of a housefly.
you are crushed by a womans Ben Wa ball.
You become a black smaller than a period on the end of a page. You enter the ghost girl's body and begin plotting revenge.
The immoral of the story: You make the ghost girl your bitch.
You become a superintelligent sex drone with psychic powers. You use these powers to murder and terrorize the town of Bluebay.