EP294 #2

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You are Jack, a young man famous for his financial decisions. Your poor mother has sent you to the market to buy food for the week. Before you left, she reminded you that funds are extremely tight and the family cannot afford to let any money go to waste. So when you see a man selling a food truck, you know just what to do! You manage to purchase the vehicle with just enough cash left over to buy ingredients for whatever type of food you decide to sell. Your mother is going to be so proud!

The next day, you head out to your new location. The area around here is pretty desolate; there isn't much going on in this direction except for the occasional farmhouse or other buildings.
you decide to move the truck to outside a college campus and create new menu with your secret ingredient, Experimental Snake Oil in a shiny blue bottle. It will definitely catch people's attention.

As you set up shop, you notice a few people walking by who all seem to have noticed your truck.
you point them to your menu with 10 wild items: 1.The obvious Eastern Egg Soup, 2. a nice, cheap Slurry, 3. a refreshing summer specialty, ice cream! 4. A deliciously simple bowl of noodles, 5. something to cure what ales you, 6. an extremely spicy bowl, 7. a baked good, 8. something to cure what ales you part 2, 9. a specialty of the house, and 10. the fan favorite, the Eastern Egg Soup!
Now, which one would you like to try?
Eastern Egg Soup
You head over to the truck and place your order.
the next you come back and several of your return customers have scaly skin. You start to panic, but are quickly assured by the owner that this is normal.
You ignore these issues and write them off as expenses.  You ring the mythril dinner bell, a small green bell that when rung will attract customers within a five mile radius, afflicting them with a ravenous appetite for the next hour.  Unfortunately, you find that this has no effect on people who have scales.
You begin to wonder if it's even worth the money.
Next week is more of the same.
> You are solicited by Cory and Jim, a couple of guys that are selling buckets of kombucha for 50 dollars a bucket.
"Do you want to try some of our kombucha?" asks Cory.
"Yeah, we've got lots of flavors ,and mushrooms," says Jim.
Jim hops on a soapbox and barks, "These mushrooms are specials, magic some would say!  Got a bad case of the scales?  These mushrooms will cure them!"
"This one is called 'The Mindbender'," says Cory.
You find Goldentusk in your trash can, who has just finished drinking the rest of the bottle of snake oil.
"Hey," he says, "I wanna try some of those mushrooms. I heard they cure the scaly skin condition.
> You and Goldentusk eat mushrooms.
You and Goldentusk eat some of the mushrooms, and the next day, you find that your scales have gone away! Next week is more of the same.
you finally come home to mother with a large bag of mushrooms. You tell her you've been eating them for a week, and she is overjoyed at the news. "I knew those mushrooms were special, now everyone can eat them!"
Your mom makes a mushroom casserole, eats it, and starts trippin' balls.
In the morning, you find she sold your bed to pay for food.
The moral of the story: don't eat anything you find in the trash, unless you work at a grocery store.
You end up sleeping in the dumpster and get a job at a grocery store, hoping one day to afford real mushroom farms...