EP293 #1

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You are Tomar, a man who works 9 to 5 retail. One day you wake up early for your shift and discover that on your way to work the streets and businesses are strangely empty. When you look up into the sky briefly, you see nothing but stars. You then realize that there is no light at all in the sky, just blackness.

The next morning you go back to work as usual and find that the same thing has happened again!
> You investigate the blackness.
You stand outside your shop looking out over the city and you can't believe what you're seeing. The entire sky is completely dark, it's like something from a horror movie or comic book has taken place.
You hear a loud booming computerized voice say following message: "Dr ReinDr0b has stolen all the stars in the universe, you are welcome!"
You feel annoyed at this.
The owner of the shop you work in comes out of his house and notices the blackness in the sky. "That's weird" he says to himself.
> You ask your boss for time off to restore the night sky.
You ask your boss for time off to restore the night sky, but he says no. "If we take today off to fix the sky, the company will go bankrupt, I'm sorry it's nothing personal"
you say "But boss, we profit off of the stars" but he still refuses. You wait and sneak out during your 15 minute unpaid lunch break to try and track down Dr. Reindrob.
You find that he is just down the street from where you work, he's in a tall black skyscraper with neon green lights.
Jason, a customer who is looking for gifts for his adopted son, Tony, looks at the tower and say, "I'm glad he did, them stars be hurting my eyes."
You walk up towards the tower to face Dr. Reindrob.
Dr. Reindrob emerges from the tower holding a small gun. "I'd like to premiere my new weapon, it harnesses the power of the stars." He aims it at a nearby car and fires. The car explodes, as does everything else within a five mile radius.
"It also destroys stuff too!" Dr. Reindrob laughs.
> You swear to Dr. Reindrob that he won't get away with this.
You walk into his tower with your fists up.
Dr. Reindrob notices you and says "I see you have chosen to face me, I applaud your courage, sadly it will not save you!"
You reveal your troubled past to Dr Reindrob.
"I'm sorry to hear that" he says "Look, I'll give you a choice, you can either die right now or have some of your pain relieved".
You open  a black case holding your secret weapon: The million-dollar Goldentusk, a friendly raccoon loaded to the brim with cybernetic enhancements.  "This critter is a master of Kung-Fu and will avenge all your pains!" You send the raccoon at Dr. Reindrob.
Dr. Reindrob notices you and fires his weapon, but the raccoon manages to dodge his attack and destroy the weapon completely, before jumping onto Dr. Reindrob and breaking his neck.
The raccoon turns to you and says "You are welcome". You notice it has a gold tooth, before it disappears.
The city has an award ceremony in honor of your bravery and valor. A statue of you is made in the main square and your shop's revenue increases by 585%. The raccoon is never seen again, and you live happily ever after.
you ask your boss for a raise due to the enormous revenue increase and he says yes.
You boss gives to a 10 cent raise. You accept it and the 2 of you celebrate your newfound wealth over a fine meal of chicken and waffles.
Jason gives the neck-broken Dr. Reindrob to Tony as a gift. Tony puts Dr. Reindrob with this stuffed-animal collection. As Tony walks away, Dr. Reindrobs snap open and emit a gas. The smoke spreads throughout the house and puts the family to sleep.
The next day, the city has a statue built in your honor.
You got the "bad" ending.
The moral of the story: Don't work hard to do the right thing.