EP292 #2

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You are Jack Strawdick, a workaholic music video director who has been asked to make a few Music videos for a new band called AIPD.  Jason, the leader of the band, is very excited. He wants you to be in all their videos and he will even pay you double what your regular job pays! You're also going to have a small part in one of their songs.
Jim, Tony and Corey object to including you in the song. 

"I don't think we should put a music video maker in our band's video," Jim says. "We need more people that can play instruments.
Jim says he wants Slash in the music video.
"Slash is a cool guitarist, he should be in our video," Jim says. 
"I think the fans would like to see all of us in the music video, not just the guitar player," You say. 
Jim is getting frustrated with you. 
"We need more people that can play instruments," Jim says angrily.
You have to pick who to put in the music video.
You go online to research how to create a good music video. You find a list with 10 tips on how to make a good music video, it reads:
Pick a theme, any theme - It doesn't really matter what the theme of your music video is, as long as you stick with it. If you have an idea, run with it.
Pick a good song - The most important thing to make a successful music video is a good song. If people like your song, they are more likely to like your music video.
Use interesting camera angles and shots - The same old shot of a person singing into a microphone gets boring after a while. Think outside the box, and try to come up with different shots and angles. Mix it up a bit!
Have fun - While it may seem like you're working, you are actually getting to do what you love. So enjoy yourself!
Don't forget the star of the show - Even though you're using cameras that roll and tape, don't forget that the music is the most important thing. So make sure you don't go overboard with special effects and crazy camera angles.
Be original! - There are already so many music videos out there, don't do what everyone else is doing.
You get an idea: you call Christopher Lee, actor and Heavy Metal Musician. he wants to join AIPD.  You put him in the music video. He is a little old for the rest of the band, but you think it's important to keep some original members
You finish the music video and call your friends and family into the living room to watch it.
Jim brings a 7 layer burrito bean dip to the music video launch party. You think it's too messy to have at a music video launch party
The band gives you all a standing ovation.
"That was the best music video I've ever seen!" says James.
Christopher Lee hogs the bean dip, which makes Jim angry. 
"Get your own bean dip," Jim says. Jim continues to yell at Chris, while you walk away to get a drink.
You decide to go to the bar and get a juice box.
You watch Jim attempt to drown Christopher Lee in bean dip as you sip juice.
The next day, you see that your music video has already been watched 1.4 million times. 
It has also been downloaded 6.4 million times and is currently number 1 on itunes.
You see the Jim and Christopher have spent the night at your place after consuming some spoiled bean dip.  You tell them the great news.
"We're famous!" You say gleefully.
You call up James to see if he wants to go out for a celebration dinner, but he refuses. 
"I'm a writer, not a singer,"
Jim comes back to your place with pomegranate juice for everybody. You celebrate your success with him.
People all over the world are getting into avant-garde metal thanks to AIPD and their unique sound.
With all your money, you get out of the music video industry and start your journey to become a famous painter.
You reached the "Peak of avant-garde metal."
The moral of the story: if you want to be a famous singer, become a rapper.
If you want to be a famous singer without any talent, become an opera singer.