EP291 #3

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You are Beche, a friend of Tony's. You see Jim lighting a match and putting it in Tony's hair. You nervously say, "Tony, you have hot hair!" Tony proudly says, "I'm well aware of the fact that I have attractive-looking hair. There's no need to dwell on the obvious." You say, "What I mean to say is that your hair's on fire!" Tony looks surprised. He turns his head away from you and says, "Oh... Sorry about that. It was just something I saw on TV."
you try to show Tony his flaming hair in a mirror, but he's too busy to care.

The next day, you meet up with Jim again. This time, he has brought some food for you to eat.
Jim says "thank you for meeting me here, I have something very important to tell you about Tony."
"I know he is going to kill the king, I overheard him talking to some bad wolves," you reply.
"Does he even have a plan yet?" Jim asks, "Because if not, we better think of one fast."
> You and Jim offer to help Tony kill the king.
You and Jim decide to offer to help. You walk through the forest, and after a few minutes you arrive at the Wolf hideout. You knock on the door.
Jason opens the door and says "Woooooo welcome to the hideout" he then say "Wait a minute you're not a wolf, you cant join us!"
You throw voice and say, "Come in, it's your grandma!"  He falls for it and lets you in. You, Jim and Wolf enter the hideout.
The wolf looks for your Grandma and you, Jim, Jason, and Tony lay out your plot to kill the king:
"So we'll all blend in as royal guards, and then we kill the king right?" you say.
"No no no that would be too suspicious," says Jim.
> You you, Jim, Jason and Tony bake yourselves into a giant cake and mail yourselves to the king.
Cool idea. The guards eat the cake, and you make sure to be very poisonous.
The guards die, and you celebrate your victory by having a royal feast.
You raid the royal coffers and find the Thieves glove, a white silken glove that allows you to magically take any object from anyone.  This is perfect for a future trickery based heist!
You also find a dragon-slaying sword.
> You jason quickly grabs the sword and stares at the magical blade.
He fails to notice you steal the glove.
The king arrives and is impressed by your presents, so he gives you a tour of the palace, showing off his prized possessions.
The King shows you the following 10 prized possessions:
1: His golden crown
2: His daughter's golden tiara (you grab it and put in on)
3: His scepter, topped with a giant diamond
4: His baby son's golden rattle
5: His daughter's locket, containing a picture of her mother
6: The queen's wedding ring, made of platinum with a diamond in the shape of a teardrop
7: An ancient clay pot with a unknown plant growing from it
8: An old painting of the king when he was young, standing next to an old magician
9: A giant diamond, the size of a human skull
10: And last but not least, the legendary Trident of Neptune
You manage to sneak away with the locket.
Later that night, you teleport home with the glove and locket.
> You open the locket, and the queen appears before you.
"Hello there," she says in a ghostly voice.
You drop the locket in shock, and it flies open. The queen's face has been replaced with your own.
You are trapped in the locket, however you still the have the Thieves glove.  You use the glove to steal the one item that can free you from the locket: The Key of Davy Jones. You must find a way to free yourself from the locket using this item...
CONGRATULATIONS! You won't die on some random day!
You combine the ghostly locket with the thieves glove and obtain the following legendary item that will help you kill the king and his ghost queen:
The Glove of Ghostliness (Invokes the ghost of the person you stole the glove from. They help you for a short time, but then they disappear forever.
You use the Glove of Ghostliness to control the ghost queen to kill the king mid-coitus. You then marry the princess and rule the kingdom for many happy years until your death of natural causes.
You go to Tony's house and tell him that you killed the king and you also inform him that his hair is literally actually still on fire. He quickly extinguishes it.
The moral of the burger: Be careful what you wish for.