EP291 #1

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You are Kyril Grey. You are sleeping in your bed when you near a knock on the door. Suddenly, you see someone you recognize. As their head pokes through the gap and they stroll into the room. It is Jason, from AIPD, standing in front of you, his hair is covered in the blood of his fellow AIPD Twitch hosts. He roars, leans back, and bellows, his haunting laughter coming out of his mouth before anything else does, "HAAW HAAAAAW!" After he laughs, he sneers with brazen courage, and spits on the floor, a piece of meat flying out from between his teeth, and says "At last we meet, Kyril. I'll see you IN HELL!"

With that, he turns around and walks away, leaving you alone in the room.
> You go to school the next morning full of fear.
The next day, you wake up early in the morning. The sun shines brightly, as it always does. Your mother wakes you up and tells you to get ready for school.
You arrive at school and walk up to Cory Jeldman, who is talking to some Pretty girls at the school.
"Hey, c'mon, I made you guys Chicken Alfredo with garlic bread! You guys love my garlic bread! It would be brutal if you didn't show up to my apartment and eat it!
you head to class but all of your classmates look to you like the dead AIPD cast.  Their eyes burn into your skull and they grin with a hunger that you have never seen before.
A man stands at the door of your classroom, about 6 feet tall with brown hair.
The man in the doorway is Jason and he says "See you after class in hell" and walks away.
You aren't entirely sure what he was talking about.
> You after school you head to hell.
After school you head off to Hell. You sit, thinking about what horrors are to come. Your hair begins to fall out and maggots rain from your skull. The ground beneath you becomes a shallow pool of blood.
You hear someone walk up to you and say, "Hey bitch, welcome to Olive Garden."  It is a brutal man who stands before you. He is about 7 feet tall and is made of 90% muscles, all bulging with anger.
You look around the Olive Garden and see... IT'S EVERYONE YOU KNOW. They are all eating breadsticks and drinking wine. They are all the people you know from school, your family, everyone. You also see a naked Jason sitting at a table.
Jason screams for more breadsticks. You approach him. 
Jason screams for more breadsticks. You approach him. 
"Fuck you," you say, "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you."
"Thank you," says Jason.
You sit down across from him at the table.
You demand to know why Jason haunts you. Why he is in your life. Why he won't leave.
He sits there.
You get angry. You feel like you might cry.
> You the waiters bring Jason his birthday dessert and everyone sings happy birthday.
The waiters bring Jasons birthday dessert down to the table. Everyone stands up and begins to sing "Happy Birthday."
"Make a wish!" they all say.
He blows out the candles.
as Jason blows out the candles the staff all turn around and Sing "Happy Birthday" again. This really is Hell.
You are trapped in Olive Garden for all of eternity.
Jason asks you to murder the Olive Garden staff and in return he will free you from Hell.
You think about it.
"Fuck you," you say.
"Alright," says Jason, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."
He walks over to the Olive garden staff and motions everyone around the table.
The staff begin to laugh, and suddenly you feel an intense fear. Your palms begin to sweat and you feel weak at the knees. You feel like you need to accept Jasons offer.
> You burst into tears and accept Jason's offer.
You burst into tears and crawl over to the Olive garden staff. You beg them to kick you in the dick. They laugh and oblige your request.
as the staff pummel your genitals, they ask if you'd like more cheese. you say no, but they just keep grinding. you begin to sink into a pile of grated parmesan. it is then that Olive garden's health department inspection grade, drops to a "B."
The end.
You have reached the end of Hell.
The moral of the story: don't accept rides from creepy old men. They are almost always Satan.