EP225 Gorgon: Goobringer

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Gorgon is the dark and dangerous world of the undead. Gorgon is a world of monsters, swollen with endless armies of the undead, where flesh-eating ghouls rule the world, and all living creatures are at their mercy.

You are a male ghoul necromancer in the city of Gorgis, the capital of the kingdom of Gorgis. You've lived in the city your entire life and never ventured outside the city walls. You've spent your entire life learning the way of the necromancer and learning the dark secrets of magic. You are weak and non-threatening, and you are looked down upon by the city's elite.
You go to your secret hideout and tend to your underground lake of goo. You have a underground cave filled with entrails and dead bodies, which you use to sew spells.
You are in the middle of using the bodies to cast a spell when the holy guards of the city walk in.
Tony, Bonyzonemancer, threatens you.  "I know what you're doing here. You shall be executed for your crimes against Gorgon."
You hop in the goo lake and summon Gorgon Ramsay, demonic chef, to help you defend yourself. You grab a dead orc body and begin to cast Incinerate!
However, before you can cast, Bonyzonemancer casts Silence, preventing you from casting.
Gordon Ramsay casts Duck Sauce and Bonyzonemancer disappears.  You ask, "Where's the duck sauce?"
The guards begin to beat you with clubs. You drop the orc body and attempt to run, but it is too late. You die a gruesome death, your body covered in cuts and bruises, welts and burns.
The guards lazily throw your body into the goo lake.  You are reanimated overnight and gain the following goo related powers:
You can breathe underwater and talk to fish; you can also control sludge and infect others with goo
> You go to a nearby Arby's and attempt to sneak into the employee area to infect the MEATS!
You're a fast learner. You know that you'll need help if you want to take over the world.
Arby's seems like the perfect place for you to get goo infected minions.
You meet with the night shift manager at Arby's Jason, a wizard by day who has a potion that can remove people's ability to speak. You and your ghouls sneak into the kitchen and begin to infect the meats with goo.
You infect several of the meats before you're caught by the restaurant's manager, a strong orc named Steve.
> You beg not to be struck and offer Steve a MEAT MOUNTAIN as a gift.
You begin to beg for your life, offering Steve a MEAT MOUNTAIN as a gift. He seems slightly amused.
You shoot your goo all over Steve. He is not amused.  His muscles swell from anger.
He picks up a large knife and beheads one of your ghouls. He beats another one to a bloody pulp with his bare hands.
Steve yells, "I'm vegan!"  and then the goo starts to take effect.  Steve is now you strongest minion.
You and Steve head back to your secret hideout where you decide what to do next...
> You lean in to kiss Steve.
Steve kisses you and you feel his tongue forcing its way into your mouth. He begins to unbutton your shirt. Meanwhile, you begin to unbutton his. Steve moves on to sucking your neck, working his way down to your nipples and then down to your belly button. He takes off your pants and begins to work on your underwear. In response you take off his pants, and go down on his dick.
He lets out a gasp and then begins to moan in ecstasy.
Steve makes some goo of his own. The goo gives you the following new powers:
You and your minions can shoot goo from your body that can make people docile and willing to be your allies
You gain the ability to give people the sensation of an orgasm, making them loyal to you
You gain the ability to give people the sensation of being drunk, making them more open to your suggestions
You can talk to animals and plants and gain knowledge about their emotions and needs
You can control small insects like ants or bees
> You head to the headquarter of the holy guards of the city.
You have a team of twenty to thirty ghouls. You have Steve who is by far your strongest and most powerful minion, even if his large size makes him a slower than the others.
You storm the tavern where all the guards are already drunk.  You goo the place up. You have your ghouls go inside and start devouring the guards. You order Steve to break the door and come in, since you don't want him to be trapped outside with the door closed.
> You give the remaining guards drunken orgasms.
You command your horde to give the remaining guards drunken orgasms. All of the guards succumb to the pleasure, and you easily take them out since they are now relaxed and under your command.
You look down and   a sword made of goo emerges from your chest, upon its blade, "excalagoo" is inscribed.  You look around and see Steve let out a sigh and then a wisp of smoke arises from his body.
You see Steve has been attacked, Holy Guards have stabbed him with a sword inscribed with an ancient scripture of God. The guards can easily kill your ghouls by just stabbing them with the sword and Steve's life force is being drained by the sword, he will soon die.
You raise Excalagoo above your head and all of the guards and buildings in a mile radius turn into good instantly.
The guards drop their weapons and start weeping.
"What the hell did you do?" one of them asks, "We just wanted to do God's work!"
> You say "Accept Goo as your Lord and Saviour!"
"Why the hell did you say that?" asks Steve, "Now I'm going to die."
You run over to Steve and pull the sword from his chest.  You try to save him, but it is too late. He dies.
"No!" you shout as your ghouls eat Steve's body, "We need to bring him back to life!"
The guards recover and charge at you.
> You retreat behind a tree. You ask the tree about its emotions and needs.
You hide behind a large tree and feel the needs of the tree. You sense a deep sadness and pain coming from within it. The tree feels lonely, despite being around other trees.
You hear a voice from someone sitting in the tree.  It's Cory, a human guard who loves ghouls and buckets.
"Hello?" he asks, "Is someone there?"
You are tempted to answer him; you need to find out what is going on.
"Please help!
> You look up and see something terrifying.  You say, "Oh, no! A giant goo spaceship filled with alien Googas!"
You see a small spaceship slowly descending from the sky. As it gets closer, you can see through its window to something terrifying -- an entire ship filled with the alien Googas!
> You see an open exhaust vent in the alien ship, you summon your ghouls to focus all their goo on it and fill the ship with your goo!
You command your ghouls to fill the open exhaust vent with goo, and they happily comply. The ship briefly shakes and the vent closes as all the goo falls out and into the ship.
 The googas start drowning in the goo.  You feel their minds slipping away as the goo takes over. Eventually, you lose all connection with them.
The ship lands in the field outside Gorgis and you rush out to meet it.
You realize that all the Googas are dead, but you can bring them back to life. You enter the ship and loot all the treasure you can find.
You have won!
The treasure on the ship includes the folllowing items:  A case of Stimpaks, a bag of coins, 4 useful-looking devices, and a copy of "The Inquirer's Guide to Cosmetics."
You look at the 4 devices, you see one Googas is just barely alive.  He tells you that those devices have the following special purposes: (A) make the ship fly, (B) kill enemies, (C) heal the Captain, and (D) open the Hatch.
Which do you choose?
You fly your ship to the capital and fill the hatch with as much goo as it can hold, then your release it all at once to flood the streets with your goo.
You can feel the minds of all the humans being drowned in your goo. You feel joy as their minds slip away, out of your reach forever.
You have control over the city's best scientists and you put them to work on making your goo as addictive as possible.  Jim, a guy who sells goo-filled bottles of kombucha, spreads your goo far and wide.
Eventually, you take over the entire planet. No one can resist your goo. You feel your mind expanding a billion-fold, infesting every human on the plant. Mankind is nothing before your awesome power!
> You decide to search for life on other planets.
You clear out all life on the planet to make room for your own.
Eventually, you take over the entire planet. No one can resist your goo.
You fly to the Googas home world where they don't suspect a think.  You dump your goo in small batches all over their oceans. Soon, you have control over their entire planet, which you will use as a vacation spot when you feel like leaving Gorgon.
No one can stand before the might of your goo!
While looking for supplies in the Googa forest, you encounter a strange creature. It is a plant beast, green and violet in color, with multiple eyes, small hands and feet like a human, horns like a goat, boars tusks, the wings of a moth and the antennae of a snail. It is known as a Manotaurs, and they live in herds.
You control them with ease, adding them to your ever-growing army.
However, one day you encounter the creature below.
You lean in for a kiss, but the creature swipes at your face.  It appears that they Manotaurs have quickly grown an immunity to your goo. They tear you apart, ending the reign of the Lord of the GOO.
You become a Goo Lantern, a guy with a ring that can make anything we wants with his imagination in Goo form. He uses you to light his way as he ventures through the forest.
> You reach the end of the forest and see.
You reach the edge of the forest and look out. You are in a strange, featureless land of white. Nothing exists here but white. There is no ground or sky, just blank, endless white.
You spray your goo, but it instantly evaporates.  Then a man taps you on the should, you turn around and it is a man.
"Hello there," the man says, "My name is Ian. I like your pajamas."
"What's... what's going on?" you ask.
"You're dead."
You see a tank full of goo-evaporating butter that Jason the Wizard is swimming in.   You ask Ian, "Is this Hell?"
"Hell?" Ian asks, "It doesn't exist. You're not Christian, are you?"
> You say "Why am I wearing pajamas?"
"You're wearing pajamas because you were in bed!" Ian says, "By the way, if you have any questions, just ask them and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.
You ask Ian, "Why does my Goo not work here?"
"The Goo functions by interacting with the reality between realities, namely the Gigaverse we're currently in. It doesn't exist here, so it can't do anything.
You lean in for a kiss with Ian. He looks shocked, but leans in. Your lips touch and nothing happens.
"Beam me up, Scotty!" you say.
Ian is alarmed. "Where did the Star Trek references come from? They stopped happening months ago!"
"I grew tired of the endless nothingness. Please, just beam me up.
You are beamed up and find yourself in Ian's apartment.
"Where are we?" you ask.
"My apartment in Majerovo, Denmark," Ian says, "This is my girlfriend, Penelope."
You realize you are on Earth again and subtly start filling Ian's apartment with goo. You also give Ian a big kiss.
"I love you," you say.
"I love you too."
You never saw Ian again.
You look around and you are all alone swimming in your underground lake of goo. The smell of the dead bodies and entrails rising through the air is quite lovely. You laugh a insane laugh and swim in your lake.
The Royal Guards pull you out of the goo and throw you in jail. You are sentenced to life in prison for your crimes against the people. You will be fed, clothed, and given a bed. You will learn the true meaning of boredom.
You are so bored in jail, you make a little goo friend that you name Wilson. When you run out of food, you eat him. You are put in solitary confinement for eating your roommate eternally.
You like this so much that you make new friends named Steve and Jacob.
Steve and Jacob find out you ate Wilson and get weirded out.  When you eat Steve and Jacob, the guards are so disturbed that they execute you for cannibalism.
The moral of the story: Don't eat your friends, no matter how bored you are.
You have reached the "And that's it" ending.