EP 516 – Story #1 – Carson Longcock – You are Carson Longcock, the host of a popular TV game show.

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You are Carson Longcock, the host of a popular TV game show. Your newest contestant is Tony from AIPD, the rules of the game are as follows:
"To win a car, you have to answer three questions correctly in any order."
Tony says "Hello!" and asks what's up. "Oh nothing much," you reply casually, "just reviewing some of our upcoming contestants for your game tomorrow evening, how about yourself?"

> You tell Tony you are excited for tomorrow's show as the stakes have been raised to dangerous heights.

The camera zooms out and you see Tony sitting at a table with a man behind him. "We've got a new contestant!" announces the announcer. Tony from AIPD looks around the room curiously;
 there are some chairs arranged in a semi-circle in front of a blackboard. "How many hours do you get off work on Sundays?" the host asks. "Seven" says Tony without hesitation.

Jason, Tony's legal guardian who wants Tony to make AIPD look good, gets out of his seat and applauds wildly.

 The crowd at home does too.
"Good job, Tony, you're gonna win a brand new Ford!" shouts the host happily. "Now let's see what he can do next!"
Tony points to the words "How long does it take a baby giraffe to grow its first tooth
"Three months" says the 


The crowd cheers, Jason gives Tony a pat on the back while the cameras follow Tony back to his seat.
Tony looks confused as the host raises an eyebrow and says "You're wrong."

You prepare Tony's punishment for getting a question wrong:

 "Three months in the stockade."
Jason is not happy with this. "I'll have to talk to my attorney," he threatens the host, but the host remains calm and simply says "Well, if you're going to take that stance, then maybe it's best for your future plans
 that you don't play this game."
Jason realizes that Tony's life hangs in the balance. He gets up again and heads for the door. "See you later, boss," he mutters before leaving.

Tony reluctantly places himself in the stockades. He really wants to win that Ford! You ask Tony the next question:

"What is the only mammal that can fly?"
"An eagle," says Tony.
The camera zooms in and you see Tony, imprisoned in the stockades, looking miserable. You say "Time for another question



You pull out a cheat sheet and hand it to Tony.

 He reads through the answer and seems to find it convincing enough, so he takes a chance and picks "eagle". The audience applauds, Jason claps his hands in delight, and the camera zooms in on Tony who is now smiling broadly.

The question round is over! Now it is time for a physical challenge:

 the wheel of death.
You step out into the hallway.
You are now in the Wheel of Death.
This is where the contestants will have their chance at glory by spinning the wheel and landing on a square, which will give them a choice of three items from the wheel, each one
 with a prize value. If they choose not to take the prize, then their life becomes forfeit.
"Let's have a look at our contestants today!" announces the host.
The camera focuses on the wheel itself, which is made from black marble;
 it's spinning slowly. Each contestant sits on a chair facing the wheel. There are eight squares on the board, each marked with a prize. "Are you ready?" asks the host.
Tony nods and looks forward.

Tony spins the wheel and everyone holds their breath including you to watch it spin. The wheel comes to a stop and lands on

 square number 3:
A golden ring, worth $1000!
"How'd he do that?" marvels the audience at home.
Tony's grin grows larger. "I'm gonna win this!"

> You yell "It's time for the final round! This is for that beautiful Ford!"

The camera zooms in on Tony who is beaming with excitement. He leans forward in his seat, waiting for your next instructions.
You say "So far we've seen that you're pretty good with money, but you seem to struggle with time."

> You say "90 seconds on the clock, you have to solve this riddle:

 "Why is a dog man's best friend, but a cat is always at its side?"
Tony gives you an incredulous look. "Dogs are mans best friends because dogs can't tell lies," says Tony confidently.

You check with the judges to see if that is the correct answer:

 "A dog can't lie because it can only speak when the owner says 'woof'," says the judge.
The judges are unanimous; the round is over. "Tony has won!" shouts the host.

You open the curtains and show Tony is his prize! A used 1996 Ford

 Taurus, valued at $2700!
"I did it!" says Tony. "But how much longer will I last in this game?" he asks with trepidation.

Tony drives his 1996 Ford Taurus with great difficulty because of the stockades, but he is still happier than ever!

You s

ign off the show with your famous catchphrase:

 "Bye bye!"
As Tony gets into the driver's seat of his car, Jason appears out of nowhere and says "I don't know why I wasted my time watching this. You're a total dink!