EP 515 – Story #3 – Musical Tony – You are Tony, a Man from Detroit who has just created a new Genre of Music called “Yawn Rap”.

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You are Tony, a Man from Detroit  who has just created a new Genre  of Music called "Yawn Rap". You decide to self-produce your Debut Album titled " Yawntown, USA". Your Legal Guardian Jason is less than impressed and believes that you will get no where in the Music industry and that you should become a Corporate drone.
 You decide to drop out of College and move to New York City where you hope to make it big as an Independent Musician. You arrive in Manhattan after spending nearly $10,000 on your journey from Michigan to New York City.

You unpack your suitcase of Sister Act 2 CDs and realize your apartment is too small to keep all of these. You decide to take a walk in Central Park and hand out your CDs for free.

After a few hours of walking around and handing out your CDs you find a secluded clearing in the middle of the park.
As you sit down on the grass in this quiet place, you notice the park's caretaker walking his dog nearby.

You mistake the park caretaker for a famous record producer and immediately begin singing your hit single "Yawning in the D!":

"Wake me up when it's all over..."
"Cause I'm wide awake!"
You stop suddenly and realize the park caretaker is laughing at you.
You sing louder:
"And it's all over...
"Cause I'm awake..."
"But my brain feels so numb..."
"And I need more...
"To wake myself up..."
Your pitch rises and rises as you lose control of yourself and begin to break into tears.

A crowd begins to gather and more and more people begin to laugh and point.

You collapse into the arms of your fellow Yawn-Rappers and begin to bawl hysterically.
The park caretaker walks away with the dog and shakes his head as he leaves.

You realize you have collapsed into the arms of Mr. Dink, the producer to the upcoming Sister Act 3, who desperately needs a soundtrack for his film.

You apologize profusely to Mr. Dink, telling him how you will never do anything like that ever again. He smiles and hands you a copy of "Yawning In The D!"

You realize Mr Dink is a fan of yours and he hires you to work on the Sister Act 3 soundtrack. You follow him back to his studio and begin working on your first new track for the movie:

 "Gimme The Joy".
Mr. Dink gives you a special chair to work on the song from. It is much more comfortable than the one you had been sitting in before.
As you work on "Gimme The Joy", you become very happy.

Mr Dink shows up late to the studio one night and you tell him the first song is finished! You sing for him "Gimme The Joy":

"If you're lookin' for a reason to frown..."
"...And there's no place left to cry..."
"...All around me people are yawning..."
"...And I'm wide awake!
"...But my brain feels so numb...
"...I need more..."
"...To wake myself up..."
"...To go home again..."
"...'Cause my heart's in the D!"
You stop singing, and Mr. Dink looks at you.

Mr Dinks begins to slow clap. You are so happy you lean in for a kiss.

A crowd begins to gather and Mr. Dink stops clapping.
You realize what a terrible mistake you made and that it was very foolish of you to kiss Mr. Dink while he is married to the movie star Olivia Newton John.

You see Olivia Newton John is in the sound booth and she saw the whole thing! She enters the studio and says, "I want to get physical!"

Olivia sings about how excited she is to finally make the Sister Act 3 soundtrack with you.

You are afraid, but you and Olivia create a song together called

 "Joyfully Yawning In The D"!
You finish recording your Sister Act 3 soundtrack.  You hand the final CD over to Olivia.
The two of you go out to dinner together and Olivia tells you stories about how her career started.

You get drunk and admit to Olivia, "Even though I pretend to love Sister Act 2, I've actually only seen the first fifteen minutes."

Olivia tells you how much she loves the movie and then tells you all the details about how she and Mr. Dink met and fell in love while making the third movie.
"It was a Tuesday night," Olivia tells you, "And we were both out here on these very
 steps where you are now, just sitting here having drinks and talking about what it was like to work with Johnny Carson and the first time he ever got sick on-air..."
You are confused by Olivia's story, but decide not to interrupt her as she continues to tell you how excited she is
 to work with you on her new album.  "It's going to be amazing, darling," says Olivia. "I am so happy that I have such a talented friend. And don't worry about being a little green with your role in Sister Act 3.

You spit out your drink and ask Olivia, "You mean... I'm acting in the movie!?"

You try to stop laughing long enough to apologize, telling her how happy you are for her.
Olivia smiles at you, but does not take you up on your offer to help with any of the singing.

The next day you show up on set and notice your first scene is with Whoopi Goldberg herself!

You see Mr. Dink and Olivia Newton John in the middle of the street, arguing loudly.  Mr. Dink is standing with his arms crossed angrily, glaring at Olivia.
"Do you think this movie will ever get made?"

Whoopi changes the subject and congratulates you on your Oscar nomination for Best original Song!

  You realize you should be glad you didn't kiss Mr. Dink after all.
A crowd begins to gather and more and more people begin to laugh and point.
Mr. Dink walks away with the dog and shakes his head as he leaves.

A producer shouts, "Mr Dink has quit the movie! Does anyone know a director that is desperate?" And without thinking, you shout the first name that comes to mind, "

Robert Zemeckis!"
Your second day on set is spent listening to Mr. Zemeckis' ideas for Sister Act 3.  He wants to make the movie very different from the previous ones.

You are surprised that Robert Zemeckis wants to combine the Sister Act universe with that of one of his other movies:

 Back To The Future.
In this movie, it's 1985, but Olivia Newton John and Whoopi Goldberg have both aged and are now middle-aged!  They are living together and work at a retirement home!
As the movie progresses, the two actresses begin to tell their life stories.
Olivia Newton John is telling Whoopi how she met Mr. Dink and fell in love with him while working on Sister Act 2.

The movie is finished and the reviews are in! Sister Act 3 is

 a big hit and you've made a lot of friends in Hollywood!
"You'll be happy to know," Olivia Newton John tells you, "That I and Mr. Dink are doing fine."

The moral of the story:

 Don't kiss married men, no matter how much you may want to do so!
Mr. Dink and Olivia Newton John are on their way to an awards show to accept an award for their contribution to the soundtrack.