EP 515 – Story #1 – Caveman – You Caveman.

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You Caveman. She beauty. You want her. She does not. You need plan. You think hard. No need plan. You grab her. She screams. She kicks groin. Groin painful!
 You hurt your own self. You say sorry, then you kiss her. Kissing good. You take off her top. She has nice breasts and nipples that like to be suck. Yes. You suck nipples, and she is sucking your penis.

> You feel good. You put on Cory from AIPD's caveman clothes.

Cory. You are Caveman now. You do not have a name. You just feel happy. You wear Caveman outfit. It looks silly, but it makes you happy. It feels comfortable.

> You see woman starring. You do wrong? You no not what do wrong.

You do nothing bad. You do something very good. You smile. She smiles back at you. Your eyes meet. The moment is right. You make the move. You grab her ass. You pull her close.

> You see Fred Flintstone, and realize this woman is his wife!

Yes. His wife. She likes Fred's fatness. He likes her bust size. They both like caveman. It makes sense. You like cavewoman. It is the only answer.
Her breasts are big and round.

> You see Fred mad. You fight Fred.

Fight? Yes. Fight Fred. You do not want him to find out about you and his wife. You might have to kill Fred. Fred might want revenge. Yes. You fight Fred. Fred is big and strong.

> You Fred strong, but you smart. You use a colt 1911.

Yes. You have a Colt 1911. You know how to use it. Fred is stronger, but you can take him out in a duel. You fire the Colt. The bullet goes wide, missing Fred, and hitting his wife's head.

Fred shouts, "WILMAAAAAAA!"

His wife is dead. He is crying. Fred wants you dead. You run away.

Fred slow. You loss Fred. You look around. You lost in woods.

 Fred will kill you.
You think. What can you do? You have a gun. Maybe you could shoot Fred before he gets you.
You try to fire.
But then you notice the gun is empty!

Fred hunts you down and you attack Fred with the butt of the gun.

The butt hits him, but does no real damage.
Fred attacks you. You dodge out of the way, and find something sharp.
You stab Fred in the stomach and leg. You slash at his face, cutting off one of his fingers.

You look down at hands, realize you have sharp bone of a

Blood pours from Fred. He screams, "DIE, CURSED MONKEY!"
He falls to the ground.
You look around and see a deer. You quickly grab it, and carry it back to Fred's wife.

You lean in for kiss with deer.

Fred comes alive!
Fred is hungry.
And now Fred wants to eat your deer!
Your deer is not food for Fred.

You tell Fred, "Deer is new Wilma. Not food."

Fred has been thinking about how to get revenge against you. He decides that your caveman bones are treasure, and that he should eat them.
You throw a bone to Fred. He tries to bite it, but you knock the bone out of his mouth with the butt of your Colt 1911


This make Fred angry. Fred knock gun out of hand. You fight Fred with fists.

 You win.
You punch Fred, and his fatness hurts your fist.
You kick Fred, and you hurt groin and balls.
You stomp Fred's face, breaking his nose, and cracking his teeth.

You hurt self on Fred's fat.

But you do not care.
Fred is dead.
And Fred can never find out about your affair with his wife.
Now, Fred's wife will never find out what you did.

Moral of story:

 do not cheat on your wife.
She will never know.
"Yes," says Fred's wife, "We are man and wife. I forgive you."