EP 514 – Story #3 – Kotal Khan – You are Kotal Khan, ruler of the brutal realm known as Outworld.

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You are Kotal Khan, ruler of the brutal realm known as Outworld. Your muscular physique and Aztec-esque outfit show the kombat prowess needed to rule. However, all of that was taken away from you when you lost a fight and had your back broken by the former king, Shao Kahn. You were confined to a wheelchair, but somehow managed to keep your throne. Today is your first day back from physical therapy, and as you wheel yourself to the throne room, a Tarkatan Warrior suddenly
 appears in front of you with his hands raised to the sky in surrender. "I am not here for battle," he says. "Only peace."
You look at him curiously. He seems harmless enough, so you ask what brings him to Outworld.
The warrior replies, "My name is Lord Tekunu. I have come to offer my services to help you restore Outworld to its former glory."
"Why would you do such a thing?"

Lord Tekunu shows you a message from Jason of the AIPD kingdom:

 "Dear King Kotal Khan, we regret to inform you that the recent assassination attempt on your life has been successful. We now hold the keys to both Outworld and Mortal Kombat. Please accept our sincere apologies.

You realize that being in a wheelchair, other warriors consider you to be about the threat level of a chair. You will make the AIPD kingdom pay for their insolence and you begin working our your arms and doing wheelchair stunts.

You leap off the dais and land perfectly on the floor before sprinting up towards the throne room doors.
As you reach the door, you hear a familiar voice coming from inside. It's the arrogant Quan Chi.

Quan Chi is terrified to see you with such speed and strength in a wheelchair.

 As he turns to flee, you grab his shoulder with both hands.
"Where do you think you're going?"
Quan Chi turns around slowly.
"This way!" he shouts, trying to run through the throne room doors.

You force Quan Chi close to your face and lean in for a kiss.

 You don't give him time to respond.
You feel his lips meet yours before you pull away. The two of you stare at each other as you feel the heat from his breath against your cheek.

You stare into Quan Chi's eyes and he says, "

I've wanted to do that since I saw you on television."
You smile and say, "Well, it's about damn time."
After a few more minutes of kissing, you finally let go of Quan Chi.

Quan Chi tells you he knows where the leaders of the AIPD Kingdom are staying and you plot to strike them tonight.

The two of you head up to the throne room to give your orders.
It is night, and you find yourself in the throne room surrounded by armed guards. Quan Chi is there too, standing next to you with a bow in hand.

You nod to Quan Chi and bust into the throne room with your wheelchair.

The AIPD warriors sit around a table eating dinner.
"Good evening," you say to them.
They look up in surprise, then quickly turn their attention back to their food. They do not speak.

Before you can strike, a plague of seagulls burst into and clouds your vision.

 You try to shake it off, but the birds continue to attack.
Your guards draw weapons and prepare to defend you.
Suddenly, one of the AIPD warriors stands up and steps out of the throne room.

> You It is the King of AIPD: Jason. Your can barely keep your eyes on him, but you roll out to the court yard and face him 1 on 1.
Jason pulls out his signature weapon:
a bag filled with dead birds.

Jason says, "I thought I'd bestow upon you this gift of seagulls."
You reply, "And I thought I might bestow upon you the gift of death."
You pull out your own bag of seagulls and toss them at Jason.

> You The battle rages on for hours as you swing your bags of dead seagulls back and forth. There is only one way this can end:

 with one of you dead.
The two of you fall to the ground, exhausted from the battle.
You are not sure who started the fight, but the fact remains that one of you is down, and it isn't you.

> You are slumped in your wheelchair and you roll over Jason's head! FATALITY!

Your victory is short-lived, however. Quan Chi comes up behind you and puts an arrow right through the base of your skull.
You lie on the ground, stunned and unable to move.
You feel Quan Chi's hand lift you out of the wheelchair and carry you away.

You fade back into consciousnous on the shoulders of Quan Chi and use your powerful arms to crush his head like a melon! Quan Chi drops you and mutters his final words:

 "Damn, that hurt."
You say, "That's how you're supposed to treat me, you bastard."
You stand up and walk towards the throne room.
Your guards are still scattered around the throne room, but they are all unconscious or dead.

You yell out a battle cry:

 "Kotal Khan


You charge forward through the throne room doors.
A dark shadow looms over you, blocking your path through the throne room doors.
You see it is Quan Chi, and he looks smug.

Quan Chi grins and says, "

It's my pleasure to have met you, Miss Khan. But I must say, you're not as tough as you look."

You lean in for a kiss.

Quan Chi doesn't resist.
He makes no attempt to stop you as you press against him.
The two of you kiss passionately.
You feel Quan Chi's lips pressing against yours.

The moral of the story:

 even if you're in a wheelchair, people will always want to be with you.
The two of you share a laugh as Quan Chi puts his arm around your waist.
You turn to face Quan Chi and tell him, "It seems we have a lot of catching up to do."