EP 514 – Story #1 – Jimmy – You are Jimmy, a mischievous 15 year old.

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You are Jimmy, a mischievous 15 year old. Your parents are gone for the whole night, which means you and your brothers, Jammy and Jhommy, get to play with your father's nailgun
 without supervision. The three of you are taking turns holding it while the other two pull the trigger. You've had enough practice to not make any major mistakes, so you don't need your brothers' help.

> You shoot the nail gun at a garbage can that's full of Cory from AIPD's clothes.

You fire a nail at the can, but the can is filled with clothing, and the shot bounces right off, doing no damage to the can.
You then try another shot at the can, firing one more nail in the direction of the can.

The nail ricochets off the can again this time hit you right in the

 eye socket. You stumble backwards and fall over.
Jammy rushes over to see if you're okay.
He asks, "What happened?"
"I think I'm gonna be blind."
"We have to put a bandage on it."

You try to cover up your injury as you hear your father coming home early from work.

Jimmy, Jammy and Jhommy all look up at the sound of their father's voice.
Their father, Keith, looks at his three sons and says, "Did I hear a gunshot?"

Everyone looks extremely guilty, but remains silent. Your dad sees the bandage on your eye and immediately begins to freak out!

 "WHAT HAPPENED?!" He screams, throwing open the curtains to let some light into the room. Jammy, Jhommy and Jimmy are silent. Their father asks them again. Jammy then speaks, "We were just playing around with the nailgun and...
 um..." he pauses, searching for a good excuse. "We fired a nail at a trash can, which bounced back and hit Jimmy."
"So that's why you have a bandage on your eye."

You are caught red handed, but you continue to deny that you are injured. Your father is not buying it and pulls the band aid to reveal your grievous injury.

 You begin to panic and say, "But I'm okay!"
"Are you okay? Can you see?"
You can't answer him and instead focus on the bandage covering your eye.
"Cory, I'll have to take you to the doctor to get it checked."

Your Dad calls for an ambulance and Billy bob the EMT shows up.

 Billy gives you a sedative and brings you to the hospital, where they give you surgery and you wake up the next day. You are in recovery and the doctor tells you that you may be blinded.

Jammy and Jhommy feel extremely guilty and have sat by your bedside all night long.

 They console you every step of the way.
"We're so sorry, Dad," says Jammy.
"It's okay. The important thing is that you're alive, right?"
The guilt that they feel is clear in their eyes and you can tell they would give anything to make
 this whole thing go away.
You thank them for being there and reassure them that you are still very much in love with them, even if you will never see the light again.
You finally fall into a deep sleep.

Your final thoughts before drifting off to sleep, "I feel like shooting Jammy and Jhommy with the nail gun."

When you wake up you find out that your vision has completely recovered, but your brothers' eyes are gone forever. Your parents and everyone else in town is outraged at the boys' actions and they were sent to prison where they are put on the same island as their parents.

You look into a mirror and notice Jammy and Jhommy's extra eyes, implanted in your head.

 "They look cute," you think.
"Hey, you!"
You hear the voice of Jammy.
You quickly turn around and say, "Who are you talking to?"
Jammy responds with a big grin and a loud voice, "I'm talking to my brother."

You realize that Jammy is not actually there as his physical form is in prison. This must be a side effect of having his eyes.

 He's using the voices of others to talk to you through the mirror, including yours.
"That was an accident," says Jimmy.
"But we never told you."
You begin to cry.

You cry extra hard because of all your extra eyes.

 You are embarrassed for all those who have seen you cry like that.
"It's okay. It's really not a big deal," says Jammy.
You continue to cry.
"What's the matter with you?
 I didn't mean it."
Jhommy says, "Come on. Stop crying. Let's play some basketball."

You play basketball with the phantom visions of your brothers.

 Jammy dribbles the ball, but every time he tries to shoot it bounces right off the hoop. Then Jhommy tries to take a shot, but his ball just bounces off the floor. You try shooting the basketball yourself, but the same thing happens;
 the ball always hits the rim, bounces off and lands on the ground.
You are losing the game badly until you decide to use some strategy. "Okay, Jhommy and Jammy," you say.

You are approached by a little girl asking if she can play. You agree as you think you could easily beat her, but she surprises you

 and takes the ball away from you. Then she proceeds to dribble the ball and shoot at the goal, making every single shot. She scores a hundred points before you have even scored one. The crowd cheers wildly for the young girl.

This girl tells your her name is

 Annie, and that she's won every championship in the state.  She asks you why you would call your brothers Jammy and Jhommy when they clearly look nothing like either of them.

You realize Annie has had surgery to improve her basketball and the doctor who performed it was the same one that gave you your vision back!

Annie is surprised that you remember her after so long.
"I never thought I would see you again."
She thanks you for not telling anyone about her operation and you agree. She's really happy.

You push the big red button that appears in the center of the basketball court.

 A large door opens up, and it seems to be taking you somewhere. You continue to follow the mysterious path down a hallway until you arrive at a strange room. The room is full of boxes and there is a chair in the center.