EP 513 – Story #3 – Mister Potato Head – You are Mister Potato Head.

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You are Mister Potato Head. You have just learned that someone wants you Mister Potato dead!
You run around the room, trying to find out who did this and why.
You continue to look for the murderer while asking questions like "Who did this? Why?"
"Why did they want me dead?"

You find the Speak & Spell, who hears everything, and get him to talk!

"What do I want them dead for?"
The Speak & Spell tells you he can't hear the last one, but he gets what's going on. He also tells you that you're being targeted by someone in your inner circle because you want to overthrow the current government and form a new
 one. You decide to tell him to shut up, since you don't trust anyone.
You see the Speak & Spell as the murderer, and kick him.
"Now who's been eavesdropping!?"

You rush the Mrs Potato Head and lean in for a kiss.

"Hey!" says the Mrs Potato Head, and the two of you make out. You put an arm around her and you start making out, but then you realize that this isn't what you should be doing.

You hear a noise and see someone is spying on you! You give chase and find out that it is

 your enemy from the previous game! The one you thought was dead! But no, he wasn't. You wonder why he would want to kill you, and you remember that he always hated you for being a jerk in school and he's jealous of how much success you've had.

You confront Evil Mister Potato Head and reveal your troubled past.

Evil Mister Potato Head now knows all about you, and he realizes you aren't someone to mess with. He gives you a menacing stare and tells you to die.
"Good luck!"

You rip off Evil Mister Potato's Head mouth and lean in for a kiss.

"No, no, no!" says Evil Mister Potato Head, and he starts fighting back.
"This is a misunderstanding," says the Mrs Potato Head. "Let me explain."
The two of you make up and resume kissing, only this time you don't stop at making out.

You question Mrs Potato Head who seems to know the truth about what's going on. She explains

 how you are not a real person but an android sent from another planet in order to destroy the human race by spreading love through sex.
"Oh! Right! Well, we'll have to get you fixed!"

You level up and gain the following potato powers:

- Talk - Chew (spicy)
- Make love - Kiss (sweet)
- Love (intense)
You decide to go on a date with Mrs Potato Head!

On the date, you convince Mrs Potato Head that you will use your powers good and not evil.

 You explain how you're here to spread love, which you hope she will embrace. The two of you then make love and make a new baby.
As the two of you bond over the creation of this new life, Evil Mister Potato Head sneaks into the room.
 He realizes what has happened and panics.
"You must leave!" says Mrs Potato Head. "I'm sorry! I didn't know what would happen!"

Mrs Potato Head gives birth and the baby looks exactly like

 the two of you! It's so adorable you just want to squeeze it all the time. You decide that since you both love children you'll name the baby after yourselves.
After a bit of deliberation you decide on naming her "Mister Potato."

You are constantly berated by Evil Mr Potato Head that Mister Potato will bring about the end of the world.

"What do you mean?" you ask.
"Why, do you love him?" asks Evil Mr. Potato Head.
You tell Evil Mr. Potato Head that you've never really met another human being with the same heart as yours, but you feel this is something that is more than
 a friendship. You admit that you might not be able to fully control your power to make people fall in love, but you can stop other people from making someone fall in love with them.

You lean in for a kiss with Evil Mister Potato Head.

"Don't do that!" says the Evil Mr Potato Head. "I'm evil! You shouldn't let me get close to anyone, especially you!"
"Wait a minute..." says the Mrs Potato Head.
 "Are you telling me that I shouldn't fall in love!?"
"You don't have to love!" exclaims the Evil Mr Potato Head. "Just make sure you don't let anyone fall in love with you.

You take Mister Potato and move out of the house to find true love in the city of

 romance. You decide to stay in the hotel that is conveniently located at the edge of town.
In the morning, you notice Evil Mister Potato Head has disappeared. As you go outside, you see he has left behind his mask and the potato body parts.