EP 513 – Story #2 – Lawrence Meriweather – Your name is Lawrence Meriweather, an avid TikTok enthusiast and creator. you post Tiktoks 9-15 times a day.

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Your name is Lawrence Meriweather, an  avid TikTok enthusiast and creator. you post Tiktoks 9-15 times a day. Posting Tiktoks is your only joy in life. This morning you were notified that your Tiktok account has been deleted and you have been banned from posting for the rest of your life
. You are not happy at all.
You angrily storm out of your bedroom and march to the door. When you reach the doorway, however, you suddenly freeze in place as your phone rings. Your hands shake as you answer it.

You answer the video call and without looking lean in for a kiss.

 "Hi baby," she says. You feel her lips on yours, but when they part, she's already talking. "Hey babe, how was your day?"
"It was okay I guess," you say, trying to sound casual.

You reveal your troubled past to your babe.

 She listens and kisses you gently, consoling you with tenderness. But soon she must go. And you are sad again.
You sigh and put down the phone. It is a quiet day.

You drive past your old high school to reminisce about the good ol' days.

 As you pass by the front gate of the school, you see that the place has changed over the years; a new science wing has been added, and a football field has sprouted up from what used to be your baseball field.

You stop in and have an impromptu meeting with you old Principal to ask if you could become a Tik Tok teacher.

 After hearing your story, he agrees, and so the next day begins the most important day of your life.
In class, you teach the students how to create their own TikTok videos. But some of them have trouble understanding how it works.

The vice principal enters and you are so happy that things are going well that you lean for a kiss.

 He resists, saying he's feeling sick today.
You try not to be mad, and just leave it at that. You find yourself worrying about him, wondering if there's anything wrong.
You drive home from the school, wondering about your babe.

You check in on your student's Tik Tok videos and notice one of them has gone viral! It is the video of you awkwardly attempting to kiss the vice principal and getting rejected.

This makes you furious and you are not shy about expressing this. You scream at him, demanding answers.
He apologizes, but you're not satisfied. Finally, he explains that he was never able to find the perfect Tik Tok partner for the day
 He wanted to be with someone who would understand his struggle and accept him, flaws and all. But he found no such person that day.

You level up and gain the following Tik Tok manager skills:

 Video Manager, Video Editor, TikTok Creator, TikTok Advocate, TikTok Pioneer. You also have learned the ability to make Tik Tok videos.

You get your star pupil to do the dance videos that got you popular.

 Now they'll have a video of you teaching. This will get you famous fast!
In a week, you've made over 100 million Tik Tok followers. The next thing you know, you're a Tik Tok celebrity.

Your star pupil begins to make videos on his own and realizes he doesn't need you anymore.

 He wants to move on and try new things. You feel sad about this, but it is only natural that the young should grow up and explore new horizons.
But he gives you something before he goes.
 A special gift, which you appreciate greatly. It is a golden key.
Your babe has asked you to spend your first night in a fancy hotel. You gladly accept, and so she drives you there.

You meet your babe at the hotel and tell her that you were just dropped as a tik tok manager.

 She tells you that you should be happy with this and not let it bother you.