EP 512 – Story #3 – Timothy Trusting – You are Timothy Trusting, a guy who has decided to start gambling.

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You are Timothy Trusting, a guy who has decided to start gambling. However, instead of gambling your money, you decide to gamble using money that you took from your friend. You gamble twenty-thousand dollars and end up losing all of it. You decide to change your legal name and move to a new country in order to avoid getting in trouble with your friend.

You have no idea how he got the money.
This is the first time I've seen you act this way, he said. What happened to our friendship?
Your friend takes you to his office.

You are shocked that your friend was able to find you in a remote area of Chile. You enter his office and see Frog The Bounty Hunter standing next to his desk.

He's my bounty hunter! You shout excitedly.
Yes, but not any more. He's a private investigator now.
Well, if he can find me, maybe he can help get you out of trouble with the law too.

Frog does CQC and knocks you out. You wake up tied to a chari while Frog the Bounty Hunter questions you about the money.

Why did you steal money from him?
I didn't steal anything!
He pulls out his gun and points it at you.
You don't want to do anything illegal, so you tell him to take everything except for the twenty-thousand dollars.

Frog realizes this is going no where and so Frog brings in Cory. You see a fifty-thousand-dollar check that fell out of Cory from AIPD's pocket.

It turns out that your friend has been investigating AIPD for years.
I was able to find you because I hacked into the government database, Cory says.
What do you mean?
The government was using AIPD as a spy organization.

You tell Frog that is so evil and Frog tells you, "True evil is stealing $20k from a close friend and then running away to South America!"

You run into your old college buddy at a bar.
Hello, Jason, you say.  "Remember me? I'm your old friend, Timothy Trusting."
Yes, yes I do.

You make a bet with Jason for $50,000:

 If you win, then he must tell you where he stole the money from. If you lose, then you'll give him the money and your friend will leave him alone forever.

Jason accepts and asks, "What are we betting on?"

"Anything," you respond.
"I thought we were going to play poker."
"This is poker!"
"I know what poker is!

You sit down and play poker with Jason.

It takes Jason almost three hours before he finally reveals that he stole the money from your friend.
Your friend shows up and demands that you return all of the money.
You decide to tell the truth.

You tell your friend that you lost his money gambling, but you won his money back with gambling! You tell him, "I'm pretty good at gambling and I KNEW I could win it back baby!"

  Your friend doesn't understand, so you try to explain, "I took advantage of all the loopholes in the government's system, I exploited their greed, and I was able to turn twenty grand into over fifty-thousand dollars!"

You see a game a roulette being played in the corner and feeling high from your poker victory you decide to let it ride and put all of your money on red!

The wheel spins and lands on black!
You lose everything you've won.
Jason laughs, "Well, now I can pay off my debts! Ha ha ha!"
You take out a gun and shoot Jason.

You push over the table revealing a weighted roulette wheel that you sneakily put down on the table.

You force the wheel onto the floor and reveal it to be rigged.
"No wonder I didn't win! The wheel is rigged!" you shout angrily.
"Oh no!" Jason cries out, "What have I done to you?"

You remove the weights, stand up the roulette table, and let it all ride again on red!

You win again.
You win and win and win until you have one hundred and sixty thousand dollars!
You're walking down a dark alley when you are confronted by a man in a trench coat who has a knife.

You feel so good after your winning streak that you lean in for a kiss.

The man smiles at you and says, "You owe me $250k."
You pull out a gun and shoot him in the face.
You walk away with your head held high, proud of yourself because you have a lot more money than before.

You level up and gain the following degenerate gambler skills:

-Frugal: You get discounts at the casinos.
-Luck: Chance of winning increases.
-Deviousness: Your advantage in card games increases.
You get stopped by the police while you are on your way to gamble with friends.

The police think your winnings were obtained illegally and seize everything.

They also take you to court and find you guilty of multiple charges.
You are sentenced to fifteen years in prison.
When you wake up in prison, you are excited.
After all, you've only been there for a week!

You rush out into the yard and play dice for commissary items. You bet all your coffee and toilet paper.

Your luck is so bad that it takes you three hours to win back one dollar.
In jail you make friends with another inmate who tells you about a game called
 "Banking", where you take a loan from a bank and then use the money to gamble
You ask him why he doesn't just take a loan from the bank, but his reply surprises you.
He explains that the bank will take you to the cleaners if they see how much money you are making and put you in debt!
You decide to find a bank that would let you do this, and eventually you do.

The banks has an interesting name:

 "Ripoff Bank".
You get a loan and head to the casino to gamble for big bucks.
You go to a roulette table and bet $1,000,000 on red.
The wheel spins and lands on black!
You lose your entire fortune and your bank account is now overdrawn.
You have no other choice but to visit the Ripoff Bank again and take out a new loan.

The head of Ripoff Bank tells you, "

I am a victim too! I lost all my money in gambling, but I was able to use the money I made as collateral to get a new loan and it worked!"
"So what did you do?"
"I bet it all on red," he replies.
You think for a minute and realize that if you bet the same amount on red, you will be able to win your money back.
You bet $1,000,000 and the wheel lands on black again!

You return one last time and ask, "can i get a new loan of 3 billion dollars, I want to gamble all of the money!"

The bank manager nods his head and says, "Of course, I will even give you the money now.  You have been such a good customer."
You walk up to the roulette table and bet the entire sum.
The wheel spins and lands on black again.
You smile at the bank manager, "Well, I'm about to have a lot of money and I have a really good chance of winning it all back.

The moral of the story:

 always bet red!
A few years ago, you went to the casino to try to make some quick cash.
You were in a very good mood.
The casino had an unlimited buffet so you gorged yourself on food.