EP 512 – Story #2 – Odin Peppo – You are Odin Peppo, the greatest mathematician magician in the world.

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You are Odin Peppo, the greatest mathematician magician in the world. A child asks you to show her a trick, so you pull out your magic calculator and
 begin doing some calculations in binary, the most common computer language of all. When you're done, it looks like a grain of sand, with a perfect 1:1 relationship between its two sides. You show this to the girl, who says that's impossible.

You gloat and tell the little girl, "Anything is possible with math!" This inspires the little girl to pursue a career in math and very quickly she rises in the field creating theorems and proofs that rival PHD level mathematicians.

 She even creates an equation that can calculate the entire universe and determine everything there is to know about it.

The girl's name becomes well known as

 people try to understand her discovery, but no one can fathom its true meaning. One day she just disappears without a trace, never to be seen again by anyone alive today.


he little girl 


named Marie Curie

You show Marie's parents an impossible number.

 You show them that there's nothing wrong with their daughter being a mathematical genius because mathematics is a way of understanding and predicting reality. Mathematics is not a trick to fool others.
That's what you tell Marie's parents, anyway.

You tell Marie's mom, "What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless"

This story is told to every student of the University of New York by Professor von Hagen, the college's headmaster. The story is told as a warning about the dangers of living in an insular community where only one way of doing things is allowed.

You panic as Marie Curie continues to go missing and you press the big red button!

 A brilliant flash fills the room as the entire University is obliterated, reducing the great institution to a single point of light, and Marie Curie to nothing more than an ancient joke.
And then...

You see from the nothingness arises a poster advertising the AIPD magicians, Jason, Tony and Cory.

 You have just discovered how to create a universe out of pure mathematics, and you're ready to take your place in the world as a hero, a genius who's here to help people solve their problems, not just be one.

You create the perfect mathematical being:

 a perfect number, a perfectly round sphere. It has no sides or edges, but you decide to give it a name. You call her Marie, after Marie Curie, the first female scientist whose achievements were honored by a university.

Marie, the perfect number, gains sentience and says to you, "

Welcome to the world, my new friend."
And so you've created yourself. Welcome to your life as a mathematician.
You have spent the last three months working on your project with your team of two other students: Marie and Yves.

Marie surprises you one day and tells you that she no longer wants to be a mathematician and instead wants to pursue a career in

After some discussion, you determine that there is nothing you can do to stop her. Marie wants to leave. She has already built an artistic practice for herself and it's time to move forward with that.

You attend Marie's first art gallery with a bunch of her new pieces:

 paintings of people in a variety of situations. While watching, you realize something that makes you angry, which is what makes your painting so good.
Your art is so powerful because you are angry. You want to create something to make others feel the way you feel, but you're angry about being
 angry, and you have to channel that anger into your work to make it good.
When you arrive back at the dorms, you sit down to work on your next piece. You paint a picture of the three of you together.

You name the painting:

 "We Are All Marie Curie."
You are Marie Curie. You've just discovered a new element. You work alone for weeks in the basement of your lab until one day, after much experimentation, you accidentally spill a few drops of your new element everywhere, creating an enormous flash