EP 511 – Story #3 – Tooth Goblin – You are the Tooth Goblin, you steal peoples teeth while they are sleeping.

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You are the Tooth Goblin, you steal peoples teeth while they are sleeping. One night you sneak into Tony from AIPD's home
. As he is fast asleep in his bed, you quickly creep up and grab a small pouch that he keeps in his pocket.
As you leave with the pouch, Tony wakes up and sees you running away, but he isn't sure why you're in his house.

You panic and immediately use your claws to rip out one of Tony's teeth.

 You drop it on the floor, then escape into the shadows before anyone can see you.
Tony will soon learn that the tooth fairy has visited him while he slept!
"Wow! What did you do?


You tell your fellow tooth goblin buddies that you panicked and dropped the tooth under the bed. But you will return the next night to retrieve it.

You spend the rest of the day roaming the forest. Your friends are not too happy about their missing teeth, so they want revenge on the man who took them. They decide to kill Tony before he wakes up.

You storm Tony's house, but he is not there. Instead, you see Dr. Steven, Tony's at-home dentist!

You decide to hide in the shadows and listen to what they say.
Dr. Steven: "I was just going through my patients' files and found this. You know, the usual teeth-cleaning, tooth extractions and root canals.

> You say "Never try to bulldog a hobo with a shotgun."

"Okay, okay," said Dr. Steven.
"Anyway, I ran into Tony here. He needed a bit more work done than normal. Do you remember, Dr. Steven?"
Tony: "Oh yeah!

You see Tony has a package containing 15 DVD copies of his favorite sequel, Sister Act 2.

"Good times! It's great to be back in Sister Act 2. You know how much I love it!"
You hear footsteps, as Tony and Dr. Steven enter the living room.
Tony: "So you're telling me that these teeth came from me?

You realize Tony is high on laughing gas. But Dr Steven is looking to fight you and protect his patients teeth!

"These teeth are part of my patients that need help. That's why they're coming out!"
You sneak up behind Dr. Steven and use your claws to tear his face open.
As blood and organs splatter all over the floor, Tony grabs a shotgun from beside his bed and
 shoots you dead.
You die in a pool of gore and brains.
Tony: "I guess I should go tell my wife that she lost her teeth for nothing. By the way, is there anything else I can do for you before you leave?"

You mutter your final words:

"You really should watch Sister Act 2."
"That's right! I've heard about the Tooth Fairy. What a strange little creature..."
Tony walks outside and yells "Sister Act 2!
 Sister Act 2!" as he shoots anyone who comes near him.
As night falls, you can't help but think about that movie.
AIPD is sending agents to search Tony's house.

AIPD agents are shocked to find that Tony was hiding something under all his Sister Act 2 merchandise: a

 dead tooth goblin.
When Tony awakes, he finds his entire living room covered in blood and body parts. He then opens his secret chest (that he never told anyone about),
 and sees your corpse.
He realizes that you are not the tooth fairy but instead the Tooth Goblin, a monster that steals teeth. Tony throws you into his fireplace and ignites it. You are soon burned alive and disintegrated into ash.

Tony doesn't know what to do and so he snorts your ashes.

After a few hours of being high on laughing gas, he suddenly falls to the ground unconscious.  He never wakes up again.
You wake up in an alleyway with no recollection of how you got there or why.

You notice you have been reborn from Tony's body. You level up and gain the following tooth goblin powers:

- Tooth Fairy: You can take any tooth from your enemies.
- Bait: You can create false teeth that will make people swallow their own teeth.
- Bloodshot: You have the ability to turn others' eyes blood red.

You return to a local tooth goblin bar and tell everyone about the events that just transpired.

You then tell everyone about the most recent developments: AIPD's plan to exterminate all tooth goblins, and Tony's murder of Dr. Steven. You also tell them about the secret package under Tony's bed that contained his 15 copies of Sister Act 2.

Dr Steven is not dead, though, and bursts into the bar with the one weapon that can defeat a tooth goblin:

 the chainsaw.

You are

 terrified by this unexpected attack
"Run, you big baby!" said Dr. Steven.


 not run.
 You stand your ground and prepare yourself for battle.
A tooth goblin fights a tooth goblin. The winner is determined when one of you dies.
You face off against Dr. Steven, who has gained an additional 100 pounds due to the effects of laughing gas.

The fight goes on for hours. You are very evenly matched. But the tide turns when

 you begin to vomit blood every time you get hit with the chainsaw. You are still able to use the chainsaw, but it causes you pain to do so.
You stagger forward and kick Dr. Steven in the head.

Fortunately you him Dr Steven in his soft spot and his brain no longer works too good.

 His skull splits open, his brains spill out, and his body is reduced to a pile of flesh and bones.
You have killed Dr. Steven.
The battle continues.
Your body is riddled with holes from Dr. Steven's chainsaw attacks and he is close to victory.

You have a crazy idea: plug all your wounds with human teeth!

Dr. Steven then laughs at you. He uses his chainsaw to remove all your teeth.
"You're going down, you big baby!" said Dr. Steven.
But you do not run.

You lean for a kiss with Dr Steven.

"No, I won't let you kill me, you big baby!" said Dr. Steven.

You land a toothless kiss right on Dr Steven's bloody lips.

Then Dr Steven runs away screaming "I'm not going to take this anymore!"
As you look for the last tooth goblin to kill, you realize Dr. Steven has disappeared.
You wander aimlessly, wondering what to do next.

Then you see Dr Steven drop down from the rafters and deliver the almighty falling root canal!

His dentistry skills are legendary and you soon lose consciousness.
You wake up to find yourself in a dentist's chair. Dr. Steven is sitting next to you, covered with bandages.
He smiles at you:
"See? I told you that you wouldn't be able to keep me in chains.

You see Dr Steven turn the laughing gas to maximum and put the mask on you!

You feel dizzy and nauseous as laughing gas enters your lungs.
After a few minutes of being high on laughing gas, Dr. Steven suddenly puts you in a full-body cast.
He then removes all your teeth except for two.

You are alive, but you have gained the new nickname

 "The Toothless Wonder".
As you lie in your bed, Dr. Steven comes in with a chainsaw in hand.
"Time to go." said Dr. Steven.
And with a final laugh, Dr. Steven slices your head off.

The moral of the story:

 Always kill Dr. Steven before he kills you!