EP 511 – Story #2 – the TruthMaster – You are the TruthMaster, an Ancient Being older than the universe itself.

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You are the TruthMaster, an Ancient Being older than the universe itself. You have just called for a Meeting with your Fellow Truthers to Release the next top ten truths of 2022:
10. There is no such thing as time, only the illusion that everything happens in one direction. 9. The nature of matter has changed over time. 8. A new life form can be created from almost any organic material.
 7. The Earth's moon has a sister orbiting around it. 6. The Moon is actually hollow and has an entrance leading into a larger space beyond it. 5. A man who claims to have been abducted by aliens is really a shape-shifting alien himself.
 4. The pyramids are the graves of the Anunnaki, not pharaohs. 3. The Sun is a vast interstellar gas cloud that contains the energy of more than a thousand billion stars.
 2. Every atom in your body came from outer space. 1. Time Travel has been scientifically proven possible.
The door opens out (north).
You hear voices coming from the hallway. You open the door to the east.

You see all your truther's chanting your catchphrase:

 "It is so, so, so... TRUTH!"
As you enter, the TruthMaster steps up and hands you a small device. It is a cell phone which displays a message: "A call for TruthTruthers was just received at this location.

You reveal to your truthers: The White Lie, a Starship that is manned by the Rivals of The Truther, The Liars.

 The White Lie is headed for Earth with one purpose only: To capture every Truther and hold them for ransom.
Your truther's look worried.
"Well," says one of them, "we'd better get ready then."

> You say "I'm here to stop you Truthers."

The Liar raises his voice as he begins to recite another lie:
"The Truth is dead! The White Lie is on its way!"
As you listen to the Liar's lies, a terrible pain starts building up inside you.

You reveal your troubled past to the Liars.

As a child, you were abused by a man known only as The Man in the Moon. As a result of that abuse, you have become the TruthMaster. The Man in the Moon continues to taunt you, sending you terrible visions of yourself being tortured or killed.

> You say "I lied when I said I didn't like AIPD. I love AIPD! I watch it all the time. I love Jason, Tony and Cory."

"Liar!" shouts The Liar. "That's a White Lie! The Truth is dead! And you're a liar!"
He then proceeds to call you an impostor.
How dare you pretend to be The TruthMaster, Liar?"
As your truthers begin to doubt you, you realize there's nothing left to do but reveal your True Self to them.
The Liar looks you over, sizing you up.

You reveal that you are not human and actually are

 a sentient alien life form from another universe.
"You're so, so, so... TRUTH!"
As the Liar gasps in shock at your revelation, you tell your truthers: "Let me show you what I can do."

You prove your alien powers by creating:

 A New Race, The Gluons.
The Gluons appear on the screen.
You explain: "Gluons are a race of beings with the unique ability
 to change their shape at will. They have an uncanny ability to copy any object they come across, which makes them extremely versatile in battle. They also possess the ability to phase through solid objects. When Gluons are in their liquid form, however, their body becomes extremely vulnerable to attack."

You use the Gluons for good by first conquering

 The Man in the Moon. Then, you defeat The Liar, sending him back to his lair, never to return.
Your truther's cheer you as you say: "Now let's get ready for battle!"

That was the easy part, you know the real battle is going to be against:

 The Truther, The Liar.
"Here I come, Truthers!" says The Liar.
He then begins to recite another lie:
"AIPD is coming! The Truth is dead!

AIPD shows up and easily defeats the Gluons with their army of mops. You concede and say

 "I surrender. The Truth has been defeated."
"Liar!" shouts The Liar. "The Truth is alive and well!" He continues to call you an impostor.
"How dare you pretend to be The TruthMaster, Liar?"

The leader of AIPD interrupts the petty bickering and says, "

"Let me show you what I can do."
AIPD unleashes an assault of mop attacks that decimate the Gluons. The Liar is soon caught up in the mop frenzy and is quickly overwhelmed.

The moral of the story:

 The Truth always wins.
With your truthers cheering you on, you say: "Now let's get ready for battle!"
You explain the dangers of mops.
"Mops are very dangerous creatures because they can cause people to become mops themselves.