EP 509 – Story #1 – Greg – You are Greg a man with one foot vastly larger then the other.

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You are Greg a man with one foot vastly larger then the other. You're out on a stroll through the woods when you see a bigfoot hunter tracking your footprints intently.
 He notices that your left track is about twice as large than the right and begins to suspect something unusual.
"Hey, I think there's something funny going on here," he says. "I've never seen a footprint like this before."

> You get defensive.

"What gives?" you say. "That's just my normal foot size!"
The bigfoot hunter looks at the tracks again.
"Well, it certainly looks different from any of the prints I'm used to seeing..."

> You tell the hunter that maybe it's just Cory from AIPD's bigfoot costume.

"Oh yeah? Well how come his shoe isn't much bigger than mine?"
Greg thinks for a moment, trying to remember if there was anything unusual about the costume Cory wore.
 oh! That's because it wasn't actually him in the suit -- it was me!"
A look of confusion crosses the bigfoot hunter's face. He takes off his backpack and unzips it.

> You realize you are being hunted now and your frantically run into the woods to look desperately for a place to hide.

You run deeper into the woods until you find yourself on an island in a lake surrounded by thick trees all around. You can hear the sound of heavy footsteps and branches snapping behind you as you try to figure out what to do next.

> You turn and face the hunter, then you kick him with your big foot.

"Ow!" The bigfoot hunter yelps in pain. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to mess with Bigfoots?"
You grab an empty fishing tackle box and throw it at him.

The tackle box springs out and a blast of sharp fishing hooks pierce the bigfoot hunter's face!

He screams in agony as he falls to the ground, writhing in pain.
"No more trouble from you!" you shout, kicking him again. This time his eyes burst open and blood spurts out.

You take foot enlargement pills, for all of your feet enlargement needs.

 You go to an online store called "Bigfoot Supplements" and order some pills. They arrive in the mail a few days later and you take them immediately. You feel a strange sensation building up within you, but nothing seems to be happening.

You take a nap, and when you wake up, your feet are enormous.

You are now Greg with two big feet.
It's morning. You awake from a dream where you are Greg with three big feet. You stretch luxuriously, then suddenly remember what happened last night.

> You call your best friend: a real yeti named Harry Furgason.

"Harry!" you say. "Listen to me very carefully. I have some really important news to tell you."
He listens intently and nods repeatedly.
"Okay, I'm getting ready to leave right now.

Harry rushes over to your house and when he opens the door he sees that you have sprouted many more big feet from your body!

Harry's jaw drops open and he gasps. He looks you over and can't believe what he's seeing.
"Wow," he says. "You've grown even more since yesterday!"
Your four extra big feet reach out to their sides, shaking the floor as they sway gently.

You level up and gain the following big feet powers:

 Big Feet, Swimming (unlimited), Great Climber, and Treads (treaded). You also gain the ability to use the "Follow Me" power which allows you to summon a small flock of birds to follow you wherever you go.

> You visit the local Foot Locker to buy two new pairs of shoes.

"Ah! You're back!" the sales assistant exclaims. "Have you been looking for the latest pair of Air Jordans or Nikes?"
"Yeah, that's right," you say.

> You ask for size 38 Jordan's.

The sales assistant looks at the list of available sizes, then sighs heavily. "Well, we don't carry those anymore -- I guess you'll just have to make do with our stock of Nikes."

> You are saved when you see a delivery of a pile of Cory from AIPD's largest shoes.

They are huge! And so is the price tag.
"But these aren't even for sale!" the sales associate says. "These are special-order items."
"Special order? For me?!"

> You offer twice what Cory is paying for the shoes.

"But you don't understand!"
He looks at you pleadingly. "I've got my heart set on these shoes!"
"That's okay," you say. "For your sake, I'd rather pay double the regular price than have you stuck with those shoes."

Your haggling is interrupted when the bigfoot hunter you presumed dead burst into the stores. He yells for your named, he is clearly blinded. You hold your breath and try to sneak away.

"What's the matter?" the sales associate asks. "Is something wrong?"
You keep running, but the hunter follows in hot pursuit.
"Don't worry, sir," the sales associate reassures you.

You realize the only way to handle this is to finish off the bigfoot hunter once and for all! You steal one of Cory's giant sneakers and arm yourself.

As you run down the street, you see several men in suits pointing guns at you and shouting orders.
"Get him!"
You escape into an alleyway and stumble onto the roof of a nearby building.

All of your big feet begin to glow and you transform into your final form:

 a hybrid creature that combines the strengths of a human and a bigfoot.
"So I killed him," you mutter to yourself.
You leap from rooftop to rooftop until you reach the top of the tallest skyscraper in town.