EP 504 – Story #2 – Nick Fiero – You are Nick Fiero, you just drank a potion that turned you into a Vampire!

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You are Nick Fiero, you just drank a potion that turned you into a Vampire! You immediately fly to the park and confront a mugger by yelling "It's Morbin' Time!" at him. He turns and shoots you in the face with a shotgun. As you lay on the ground bleeding, you
 think to yourself, "Maybe this potion wasn't such a good idea after all."
The park is a mess, and the man you shot runs away. All around, people run screaming in fear as your victims rush to get out of the area, not wanting to be attacked by a crazed
 Vampire. The police quickly arrive and surround the crime scene, waiting for you to wake up so they can arrest you. They even have the doctor come over to see if you're still alive or if he needs to take care of the body.

You are saved by Don Fuego, an Animorb.

 He explains to you that he's going to need to turn you into one of his kind so you don't die. Your life is spared, but it is a little more difficult now to remain human.

Don Fuego hands you a vial of Morbius juice and without warning you drink it's contents immediately.

 It feels like fire as it goes down your throat and flows through your veins. Your entire body tingles, and then it begins to feel cool. You immediately feel stronger, faster, and much better.

Don Fuego exclaims, "Oh no, he's morbed up!" and you realize you are not alone.

 There is a large crowd watching you as well. They cheer for you as the Morbius transformation begins. As you go from human to vampire you transform slowly and become more powerful. Suddenly you begin to change drastically, growing claws and fangs and becoming incredibly fast.

Michael Keaton, a guy who's putting together a team of guys who can do some good, steps out of the shadows and asks you to join his team.

 You accept and quickly form a group that goes around cleaning up crime.
Your powers are incredible, and you take down criminals and evil monsters every day. The police like you and want to help you defeat the bad guys, and even criminals turn to you for aid when they are in trouble.

Your catch line "It's morbin' time!" becomes a viral sensation and soon everyone begins saying all the time when they see you.

 People say you remind them of the old Batman. They call you a vigilante, a hero, and a savior.
As the years go by and you continue to grow stronger, the government grows concerned about you and wants you to turn yourself over.

You refuse and

 get your friends to join with you in an attempt to take on the government. They realize you're serious and they agree to your plan to go against them and create a new world where no one has to die.

You realize that to live in this utopian fantasy, you are going to have to kill a lot of people. You transform and turn into

 the monster you once were, and your group is forced to escape as you tear through the buildings of New York City and the military quickly arrives on the scene.
"What?" you ask in shock.

You realize that you are not welcome with arms. You are confused, you thought it truly was morbin' time, but it turns out everyone wants to be free instead of be morbed.

"What happened?" you say to the man who had called himself Don Fuego.
He replies, "You're dead, morb. The potion made you go bad." He hands you the vial of Morbius juice.

You are just about to drink the Mobius juice, but you suspect Don Fuego has set you up and you force Don Fuego to drink the morbin' juice. Don Fuego does and transforms in a innocent little

 way, becoming human again.  Your friends and you escape, and the police capture Don Fuego.
You run to a safe place and look back at the chaos that is spreading everywhere. You see people running in terror and you realize you have changed them for the worse.
 "This wasn't my intention," you think as you continue on your journey.
You know you will have to face all of these people soon, so you decide to go into hiding in the small town you were living in. You change into a normal human and assume the name Nick Fiero and hide.

Your enemies find you in no time and you realize there are too many to fight at once. You give a rousing speech to try and convert people to morb once more:

"It's morbin' time! It's morbin' time! It's morbin' time! It's morbin' time!" you cry out.
"There are some things you can never do," you explain to those gathered around you.

You realize you are not able to convince anyone with your words, so you press the big red button labeled "MORBTOPIA".

  Instantly the entire world becomes a paradise. Everyone is happy, the police are always on the scene to help people, and everyone loves each other.
But something is missing. You notice that people still get hurt and die.