EP 503 – Story #2 – Deedee Megadoodoo – You are Deedee Megadoodoo, a police officer.

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You are Deedee Megadoodoo, a police officer. You are getting a call that a group of monkeys are robbing the local fruit store
. After investigating you find the store was broken into and the store owner's car stolen. The car is now being driven by monkeys on a highway. What do you do?
1) Call up your partner.

You decide to go alone and when you arrive you see the monkeys are being commanded by Doodoo Omnidoodoo, The world's pettiest mafioso.

 You approach them with guns drawn, but they start shooting at you. They fire dozens of rounds from automatic rifles at you as well as their rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). You barely escape and the monkeys have fled before you can give chase.

The only clue as to where Doodoo is a picture of Cory, a police officer who stole a bunch of clothes and drove off in the owner's car.

 The car is currently being driven by Cory who is currently trying to avoid the police. You find the car and pull him over. You tell him what he has done, but he just laughs. He points to a picture of himself and says "Hey look!
 I'm in a cartoon!" You inform him that he is under arrest for car theft, but he laughs again. You handcuff him anyway and then take him back to the station where the Chief and some other officers await your arrival.

You rough Cory up a little bit and demand he tell you where the monkeys are

 headed. After much kicking, pulling, and screaming, Cory finally tells you that he is headed towards the town of "Peach." You then inform him that he has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and felony car theft, but still he laughs.

You head for the town of Peach and you see a clue that Doodoo has definitely been here:

 there is a banana peel on the ground. When you reach the town of Peach, you discover that it is filled with fruit vendors and many are being robbed by the monkeys. You draw your sidearm and yell for them to drop their guns.

You level up and gain the following Megadoodoo powers:

• Level 2: You gain the power of Doodoo's rage, which allows you to inflict damage on your enemies while healing yourself for the same amount of damage. This increases with each level.
• Level 3: You gain the ability to summon Doodoo's minions from another dimension.

You waste no time and summon the Doodoo minions to your aid!

 They all fire at once and many of the monkeys die in quick succession. However, they are replaced by a new wave of monkeys.
You blast several of them away, but more keep appearing. The entire time you can hear Doodoo laughing behind you and you turn around to find him standing next
 to you. He smacks his hands together and says "Damn! That was fun!" Then he disappears and you turn back to fighting the monkeys.
Your partner arrives and tells you to go after Cory because he has fled into the sewers.

You enter the sewers and quickly find Cory. You demand he tell you Omnidoodoo's weakness.

 After much kicking, screaming, and threats of violence, you eventually convince him to reveal himself as the gangster's weak spot. When he does, he bursts into flames and you shoot him dead.
Cory was carrying a banana peel with him which you use to ignite a fuse that you set


Cory's last words: "Doodoo's weakness is

 bananas." You then burn down the sewer and run off to catch up with your partner and bring him to justice.

You break into a CVS and obtain a pharmaceutical-grade banana. You then go searching for Omnidoodoo

 in his mansion, which is filled with an endless supply of bananas. After hours of searching you finally find him and you both draw your weapons. He says "Okay, I give! Let's shake hands and we're even!"

You shake hands, but it was a trap and Omnidoodoo

 shoots you and your partner with his machine gun. He laughs and says "Well, I guess we're not even."
You take cover and return fire. As you shoot at him, he shoots at you and all of his bullets pass right through you.

You eat the medical grade banana and become an invincible Omnidoodoo destroyer.

 The bulletproof skin of Doodoo makes the bullets bounce off of you. You take out all of the monkeys in the house one by one until there are only two left. They fire their RPG's and launch them at you, but they have no effect on you and they fly away.

You turn to face Omnidoodoo

 and say "Alright, buddy, this time it's personal!" You draw your pistol and shoot at him, but he just laughs and turns invisible. Then you hear a loud explosion from the roof as a giant monkey lands atop him, smacking him in the head with his palm.

It's King Kong, attracted by the giant ho
of bananas.

King Kong then says "Hey, wait a second! Why are you shooting me?!" He turns around and sees you shooting at him. "What are you doing?" He asks you. You tell him that you were trying to kill the leader of the monkeys, but he laughs at you.

You ask King Kong, "What's so funny?"

King Kong tells you, "That's Doodoo! Don't shoot him, he's harmless."
You pull out your pistol and say "Harmless? You must be joking."
The police arrive and surround you and King Kong.

King Kong steps on you and you die in the line of duty. Later that night, a news reporter pronounces your name incorrectly calling you:

 "Doot-doh-doo" instead of the correct Doodoo.