EP 502 – Story #2 – Woody Mayo – You are Woody Mayo, a fisherman.

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You are Woody Mayo, a fisherman. One day you pull something strange out of the water
: a man-sized box with no top or bottom. A letter falls out and flutters to the deck. You pick it up and read it. It says, 'This is for you from your mother.

But your mother has been dead for 8 years!

What is this mysterious box? What lies inside it? And how can you get rid of it?
My Name Is Woody
It was another hot night. The air conditioner rattled in its metal cage.

You open the letter and read it:

 'This is for you from your mother.'
You don't know what that means. Your mother's been dead for eight years now. She was just a little kid when she went away, and your father didn't want to take care of her

You realize your father has been dead for 20 years!

 He drowned in the ocean off Cape Cod, on his way home from the airport one night. Your sister went into the water, but not in time. And now there are no children left in the house except you.

You level up and gain the following self reliance / orphan powers:

• "You have a guardian spirit watching over you." (Whenever you suffer damage or die, this power will prevent you from dropping below 1 HP.)
• "You have an extra sense about you, which helps you discover secrets about others and yourself."

You confront your secrets by opening the wooden box you fished up earlier.

 You pull out a pair of dice. Each has six sides marked with different symbols. A number appears on each side, indicating how many times you must roll the dice in order to get a specific result.

You roll the dice and

 get the number 6.
You make a loud noise, shaking the room. The air conditioner rumbles again.
Rolling dice can be dangerous. Some results aren't pleasant. You can decide to keep the results private and roll again.

You roll again and get a

 7. You win a new skill: "Dice skills."
When you use a special attack, you can also add "dice" to the effects of that attack.
You roll again and get a 2.

You hear a knock at the door

. It's your father. He comes inside, looks around, and says, "What is all this noise?"
You tell him about the letter, the box, and the dice. You ask if he knows what this means.

You reveal your troubled past to your father.

 As you talk, a small tear falls from the corner of his eye. He hugs you tight. "It's okay," he whispers. "I'll take care of everything."
Your father seems more real than any of your family members in the past eight years!

Your father explains he faked his death because

 he couldn't stand watching your mother die. She was so sick with cancer, and then one night she stopped breathing and died right there in her bed. Your father's been living a lie for eight long years.

You tell your father, "You suck!"

He laughs at you. "You don't know anything. I am taking care of everything. Just like always."
Then he pulls a gun out of his coat. You are not afraid, but the other players feel frightened.

You use your dice skills to attack your father

. You add "dice" to the damage you cause.
Your father laughs at you again. "You don't have what it takes." Then he pulls the trigger.
Your father drops dead, just as he had promised to do 8 years ago.

You cry because

 you miss your father. But this time, the tears are real.

You roll the dice one last and roll a 20.

 You win "The King's Treasure," a magical golden key, which opens a chest in the game room. Inside you find:
• "You have an extra sense about you, which helps you discover secrets about others and yourself."

You use this experience with your father to look within yourself and learn something new about yourself:

 You are a son who wants to honor his father's memory and carry on his legacy.
Then you turn to your sister, who has been listening to the whole thing. She is also a daughter, but she doesn't act like one.

You are shocked to see your sister alive, but ask, "Hey sis, want to get some ice cream?"

She shakes her head and walks away. "No. I can't be friends with you anymore."
You leave your house, go to the nearby ice cream parlor, and order a delicious sundae.

You stare at the happy families eating ice cream. Tears run down your face.

 This world is such a cruel place.
You lick your ice cream and taste the salty tears of grief.