EP 502 – Story #1 – Tickle Timson – You are Tickle Timson, a small child, Your father “Quandale Pringle” left to get the milk.

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You are Tickle Timson, a small child, Your father "Quandale Pringle" left to get the milk. It is your ultimate goal to be able to find your father while your mother tries to stop you. Your mother suddenly
 has other things on her mind and sends you out to look for your father. You take off with no particular destination in mind but are immediately confronted by an angry chicken farmer who wants to know where his chickens have gone.

You reveal your troubled past to the chicken farmer.

 He thinks you're lying to him so he tells you to go home and you reluctantly do so. When you arrive home you discover your father was not only not there, he was never even there. So now what are you going to do?

You tell the farmer you will help find his chickens.

 You have been keeping them a secret because they are very valuable and you've decided that since no one knows about them then you can't be accused of stealing them if someone ever sees them. The farmer says he doesn't care as long as he gets paid when you recover them.

You hear a clucking sound coming from your mother's bedroom.

 As you peek through the door you see she is being held captive by a monstrous man. The chicken farmer has kidnapped your mother in order to force you to work for him or he will kill her. He claims he can do this because he has made a contract with a demon named Pee-we
e. In order to escape you must help your mother break free of her restraints, then go after the chickens.
It takes some time but you eventually get your mother loose from her bonds and into the next room where you find the chicken coop.

You ask your Mom, "Are you ok?"

 She replies, "I'm fine." You then notice a small pink key in the lock of the hen house. You put it in the lock and it slides in without resistance. Once you open the door all the chickens come running out.

The chicken farmer returns home to see the chickens flying out of the coup.

 He demands to know who let them out. You explain that you did it. He asks, "So you stole my chickens and now you are trying to pawn them off on me!" He threatens to have you arrested but you explain to him that you found the chickens so they were yours.

The Demon Pee-wee appears before you and scolds the chicken farmer for being a disappointed.

 He tells you that since you are a minor, you have no authority to own the chickens and therefore cannot claim them. The demon explains that if you want to keep the chickens you will have to take possession of the coop yourself and convince Pee-wee that you are the rightful owner.

You lean in for a kiss with the demon Pee-wee.

 The farmer's wife shows up just in time and scares you away. The demon claims that he'll give you one more chance but if you fail again the chickens are his.
You have one last opportunity to get the chickens.

You contact Fr. Flanagan, the local priest, and ask him to exorcise the demon Pee-Wee.

 Your mother also agrees to help. It takes several days but eventually the demons power is broken and Pee-wee vanishes. You are allowed to keep the chickens.

You name the chickens:

 Pee-wee, Louise, Roscoe, Fester, Betty, and Tweed. When you go to check on your father he has already returned. Your family is reunited and you are able to go back to your normal life.

You ask your Mom, "Where did Dad go?"

 She replies, "He left to get some milk. I didn't see him leave but I saw him drive off. I guess you can look for him." You follow her directions and find your father at the dairy store.

You find your father in the milk aisle and tell him, "I'm lactose intolrent!"

Your father looks at you as he says, "What's that mean?"
You reply, "It means that I was born without the ability to taste the milk. So when I drink it, I have an allergic reaction and puke it up later."

Your father looks confused and asks, "Then why am I buying you milk?"

 You explain, "I want to be a good boy and do what my mother tells me to. I also don't want to go to hell!"

You level up and gain the following milk powers:

You learn how to steal milk from people and return it to where you found it. You also learn how to give milk to people and they won't have an allergic reaction. You also learn how to transform into a cow.

You turn into a cow and walk around town.

 The people notice your change and tell you to stop being such a nuisance. You are able to get back to your normal life.
The demon Pee-wee appears before you and scolds the chicken farmer for being a disappointed.

You go to Pee-wee's playhouse and ask the demon Pee-wee for forgiveness.

 He refuses to accept your apology until you give him a kiss. You refuse to kiss the demon. He explains to you that he has to kiss you or else you can't ever take possession of the coop.

You give in and kiss him.

 He then explains to you that once he takes possession of the coop he will be able to use the chickens to attack other farms. In exchange for this favor you have to tell him where your mother keeps the key.

You tell Pee-wee the key is always with you.

 The demon realizes that he can control your mind by having you make a comment about the key. You keep trying to change the subject but he forces you to talk about the keys.
He forces you to tell him where you keep your keys.