EP 501 – Story #3 – You are Max Monkemus, a monkey who lives at a small town in the jungle.

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You are Max Monkemus, a monkey who lives at a small town in the jungle. You are busy defending the town from an army of balloons when one of the balloons suddenly
 explodes and you end up with a new body! Now that you've gained human intelligence, you set off to become a detective in order to find your missing friends and solve this mystery.

You look into the source of the balloons and find out about Tony, the guy who created the balloons because a female zoologist tonyzoned him.

 She wanted him to make her balloon animals so she could have sex with them.
Tony did not want to do it, but his girlfriend told him he needed to prove himself worthy of her love. Tony reluctantly agreed and ended up creating the balloons as a way to get closer to the zoologist.

You find Tony and pull out a live grenade that is gonna suddenly kill the main character.

 You tell Tony that killing him is gonna save all of humanity and that you're the only one who can stop him.

Tony concedes and tell you not to detonate the grenade and that he will do anything to help you against the balloons.

 He tells you that they were just balloons and not evil at all.
Max then sets off to save the world and find his friends.

You set off to find your first monkey friend in Peru. His name is

 Nicky and you plan to ask him for help. When you arrive, you see Nicky hanging from the top of a tree by his feet. You attempt to save him, but end up getting captured instead.

You and Nicky wind up in a cage at a makeup research facility.

 The monkeys there are being tested for a new lipstick brand that is meant to stop animal abuse. They are testing their product on a monkey named Joey and he is about to be killed.
Nicky begs you not to kill Joey.

The lipstick gives you strength and you level up to gain the following powers:

You burst through the glass window, killing the scientist who is performing the experiments. You then bust into the cage where Joey is and knock him out. You free him and he thanks you by kissing you on the lips.

You free the rest of the animals in the lab and head for Nicky's tree house.

 As you try to save him, you realize he's been replaced by a robot monkey who is the evil leader of this whole experiment!
You manage to destroy the robot monkey, but it takes everything you've got to get your friend back!

Nicky is weak, but says, "

I'll be fine." You thank him and leave with him in your arms.
You go to your next destination: Japan. You arrive at the Tokyo Zoo and discover that there have been a string of animal attacks all across the world!

In Japan, you look for you best monkey pal by the name of

 Ebi. He's been attacked and replaced by a cyborg! You must find Ebi before he can perform some sort of ritual to summon an evil god known as Mufasa. You're only hope is to find your best friend, Ebi.

You find Ebi who has joined a Satanic cult. You try to convince Ebi to come with you, but Ebi refuses and says, "

I can't leave now... I have to fulfill my duty to my master." You look at Ebi and see that he's been replaced with a giant metal monkey.
Ebi explains that his master is Mufasa.

You do some research at the local library and find out Mufasa has one weakness:

Mufasa's mouth smells like bananas.
You then run to the front entrance of the zoo and destroy the large monkey statue with a rock hammer. The noise wakes up Mufasa and he attacks you.

You trick Mufasa into keeping his mouth wide open for as long as possible. All of the monkey's in a mile radius tear Mufasa apart like peeling a giant banana.

You defeat Mufasa and Ebi thanks you by kissing you on the lips.
You return to Ebi's tree house. Ebi says he owes you a debt of gratitude and promises you that he will find a way to get back at those who did this to him.

You tell Ebi about your war against the balloons and Ebi agrees to join you. You head with Nicky and Ebi to the source of all Balloons:

 Tony's old studio.
You are then ambushed by the evil balloon army. Nicky and Ebi help you fight off the balloons.

The battle against the balloons is going well, but there is a never ending stream of evil balloons cresting over the horizon. You will need something big to win this war against the balloons... then you think of the perfect solution! You

 go to the old studio of the Balloon Monster Tony and steal his most powerful weapon: A live grenade.
You prepare the grenade and aim it at the source of the balloons: Tony's old studio.

The grenade flies through the air and lands perfectly in the balloon hole. The mother balloon notices her days are number and says her final words, "

I don't wanna die." The grenade detonates and kills the Balloon Army.
The world is safe again thanks to your quick thinking, strength, and determination.
You leave the balloons and head back to New York City.

Back in America, a viral video surfaces of your final attack on the Balloon Mother and the people react

 in fear.
Your next stop is to your next best friend, Johnny who has been captured by his rival band leader, Bobby Risque. You arrive to the island where Johnny is being held and you find him strapped to a chair.

You free Johnny and sing a song about beating the evil balloons:

 "Hands Off My Balloons!"

It goes like this:

"If you touch my balloons
I'm gonna cut you up real good
Like an animal in a zoo!"
The crowd is moved by your performance. They ask you to sing again.
Johnny asks if they can give you a gift in exchange for your help.

The moral of the story:

 If you are ever in trouble, ask your best friends to help.
If you can get them to join you, they will always be there.
You are playing a game called "Choose Your Own Adventure."