EP 500 – Story #2 – You are Thomas the Third, a master of the way of Thomas.

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You are Thomas the Third, a master of the way of Thomas. You are very close to being the grandmaster, but in order do so you must first defeat your rival, Thomas the Second. You hunt down your rival and say
 goodbye to all your old friends who have been taken over by your rival.
The sun was coming up as the wagon rumbled towards town. "Where are we going?" asked Thomas.

You reply, "We are going to kill Thomas the Tank Engine!"

Thomas is confused. "But I am Thomas the Tank Engine!"
"Yes," you say with a shrug, "but you are not the only Thomas. You are competing with me for the title of Thomas the Third."

You challenge Thomas to the games of the grand Thomas. A series of challenges to find the ultimate Thomas. The include the following:

1) Run a mile on a treadmill for 1 minute without stopping.
2) Lift 100 pounds over your head.
3) Climb an unstepped ladder with your hands and feet.

You plot how to out Thomas Thomas.

 Your plan involves cheating.  First you give yourself a new face, one that can be made from scratch. Then you take the time machine back and change the DNA of Thomas the Second to make him weaker, smaller and less capable.

Your new face makes you look like

 a super hero. You can climb anything and lift anything. Your muscles grow stronger and larger. You are now the ultimate Thomas.
Then you give yourself a second face that is the exact copy of Thomas the Second's.

Your plan for this second face is

 to take advantage of Thomas Two's lack of ability. He has never had much interest in technology. In fact he has never even heard of it. Therefore when you tell him how his world will change because of it he doesn't believe you.

You figure out Thomas the Second's birthday, then travel back in time to that date.

 When Thomas turns 2 you give him a handheld computer and have him do a bunch of educational programs. It turns out that Thomas is a genius.  He learns how to use the computer to create all sorts of things.

You return to the present time and Thomas has tricked you with his newest invention: a

 steam-powered helicopter. He flies into the sky and steals all of your money, leaving you stranded.
Thomas the Tank Engine's new face is also your new face. His brain is as slow as yours so he never thinks of ways to outsmart you.

You realize you are dumb.

 Thomas the Second is very smart but he never has a chance to show it because you keep beating him.  This time you need to be smarter than Thomas the Second.
When Thomas the Second turns two you give him a time machine.

Thomas the Second uses the time machine to travel to

 the future and watch the final battle between you and Thomas the Third. Thomas Two has seen what will happen so he knows exactly what to do to win.
You plan for your next opponent. You cheat once again.

You level up and gain the following Thomas powers:

1) You gain the ability to change your size at will.
2) You gain the ability to create weapons from nothingness.
3) You gain the ability to create food from nothingness.

You use two of your newfound power to create and edible gun

Your opponents first weapon is an apple pistol. It fires apples that explode on impact.
His second weapon is a pineapple cannon. It fires pineapples that bounce.
Then you shoot your own brain into the past so you can trick Thomas into thinking you have been there before.

Your brain travels through time and lands a on a big red button. You press the button and

 Thomas the Second is immediately frozen. He does not know that the button was there and that he could have pushed it himself if he had thought of it.
As a result he is too late to stop you from making yourself even stronger.

You decide to finally end this fight and become Grandmaster Thomas.

You go back to the beginning of Thomas Two's life and give him the same time machine.
You then take the time machine to a date in the future where Thomas the Second has won every challenge, including defeating you.