EP 496 – Story #3 – You are Harry Shade, a 6 time bottle flipping world champion and you have been labelled ” bad boy of Bottle flipping” for your angry behavior during competitions and also your lavish lifestyle off the Pitch.

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You are Harry Shade, a 6 time bottle flipping world champion and you have been labelled " bad boy of Bottle flipping" for your angry behavior during competitions and also your lavish lifestyle off the Pitch.
Your bottle is an old American whiskey bottle; it's about as big around as your head and has some sort of label on it that looks like it was written by someone who can barely read. You have no idea what it says because there isn't anyone in this room except yourself and you haven
't bothered to look at it yet.
You take a closer look at the bottle and notice something strange: it seems to be glowing faintly in places!
This must mean that the bottle is magic!

You turn off the lights and flip the magic bottle.

 As soon as you do so, the room goes dark again... but now it seems brighter than before! And more importantly, you hear a faint jingle coming from somewhere nearby.
Aha! You know what this means...

Your rival, Johnny Blaze, is walking down the hallway. He cockily swings open the door and sees you mid flip.

 He takes out his lighter and tosses it towards you. It lands perfectly beside your bottle and ignites with a loud bang!
There's only one way to stop him: grab the bottle as fast as you can!

You take a big swig from the magic bottle and lean in for a kiss with Johnny.

 Unfortunately, he doesn't seem too interested in kissing you back -- he's too busy trying to put out the flames!
The fire burns bright for a few seconds, then suddenly dies out. The smell of singed hair fills the air.
 Johnny stands up, coughing, and reaches into his pocket.
He pulls out a matchbook and throws it onto the floor. A flame instantly appears beneath it, which then quickly catches the edge of the matchbook.

You rush over and stomp out the matchbook. You yell at Johnny, "What is wrong with you!? Are you trying to burn my apartment to the ground!?"

Johnny sputters and stammers, "I- I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."
You raise your voice further, "Well, you did!"
Suddenly, Johnny's expression changes.

Johnny leans in for a kiss, but you shove him away and say, "No, that's not how this works! I can't fall in love with someone who is trying to burn the place I live!"

As you turn to leave the room, you see Johnny reaching into his jacket.
You run back towards the bottle and reach for it just as Johnny does the same.
Both of you pull at the bottle, neither of you wanting to give up first.

The bottle begins to glow more intensely.

 Both of you feel a strong tugging sensation. Suddenly, you both find yourselves pulled through the bottle!
And then suddenly you are somewhere else entirely!
The light in the room is dim and gray.

> You ask "What the fuck!? Where are we?"

Johnny coughs and replies, "I don't know. I think my lighter just blew up."
You look around. There's nothing here except a small, empty bottle (with a faint glow)

> You say "You both realize you are about to miss the Grand Priz Bottle Flip Off! You have to find a way out of here."

"Oh shit..." says Johnny. "I guess we have no choice but to try to get out."
You tell Johnny, "I have an idea. Look behind you."
He turns around and gasps.

You look behind Johnny as are amazed to see

 another bottle: it's even bigger than the other one!
It is made of glass and has a golden cork stopper in the neck. The label on the bottle reads "Jack Daniels", and inside is a note

that says:

 I knew you'd come for me.  Now let's get you home!
 In the bottle.
You smile. "That's it!"
You carefully remove the cork and fill the bottle with some of its contents.

You look at Johnny and say, "I'm going to try something crazy, but it's our only shot at getting home!"

Johnny nods and says, "I've got my lighter."
You take out your lighter and set it on fire. You then stick it into the top of the bottle.
Suddenly, the bottle explodes and everything goes black.
You blink awake and find yourself sitting on the couch in your apartment. You look at the bottle, which sits next to you on the table.
There's a note attached to it:
 Hey kid,
 How ya doing?

You whisper to Johnny, "I'm never drinking absinthe ever again!"

Johnny laughs and says, "Me neither! But I sure hope it was worth it."
You laugh along with him.
But then you remember you have to get back to the contest!
Fortunately, the bottle is still intact and unbroken.

You make it just in time for the contest and flip the bottle. Everyone holds there breath as the bottle flies through the air and then

And you win!
The crowd cheers. Even Johnny claps for you... but a moment later, he grins menacingly and whispers to himself. "Not bad," he thinks, "but I'll be the next champion..."