EP 496 – Story #2 – You are Steve White, a governmental contractor tasked with the destruction of sensitive documents.

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You are Steve White, a governmental contractor tasked with the destruction of sensitive documents. You are very nosy and like to read the documents before they go into the shredder. You find something interesting! Its a top secret document that explains everything about
 the alien invasion in 2036, including their plans for humanity's extermination.
"What? This is just one of those things where you have to look at it."
Steve puts the top secret document on the desk.

You read more of the document and learn about the alien race that is doomed to exterminate mankind.

 They have superior technology and have already destroyed many planets across the universe. The aliens seem to be planning to destroy Earth as well. It also seems that the aliens plan to use a weapon that would kill every human being on the planet.

You hastily pull our your phone and post the most damning pages of the document to your Twitter.

 "Just saw this in the government files. I'm not sure how much longer we can stay here!" Your followers retweet your message immediately.
Your boss walks in. "I see you've found some interesting stuff," he says, his eyes darting back and forth between you and the paper.

You pretend to eat the document and act like you have no idea what he is talking about.

 "Oh, yeah, totally! What did you want me to do?"
He points to a nearby desk. "That pile of papers over there has to get shredded. Go ahead and start with that stack."

Your boss leaves and you go right back to your phone and reveal your troubled past in a very long and too personal twitter thread:

 "I was adopted when I was four years old. My parents were killed during an alien invasion that wiped out my entire village. I never knew who my real father or mother was... until now..."
The aliens are furious.

You have gone viral on the alien's Twitter.

 "This is outrageous!" screams a disembodied voice from space. "We will annihilate him and everyone else involved in spreading these lies!"
And so you have become famous.
You have gone viral on the alien's Twitter.

You gain a ton of alien followers that shower you with gifts:

 new clothes, cars, houses, cash, etc. And all because you exposed the truth about the aliens' true intentions. You have won the hearts of billions of aliens across the world.
But there's a catch


 your followers don't actually exist. Every single follower is a computer-generated bot programmed by the aliens themselves to spread disinformation and manipulate public opinion against them. The aliens have turned you into the perfect propaganda tool.

You host the first annual Alien Con and have a meetup with your so-called followers. But instead of fans showing up, you are visited by

 an angry mob of alien hunters armed with shotguns, hunting knives, crossbows, and even flamethrowers!
You run away but stumble upon a hidden bunker underneath your house. You hide inside but realize that you're trapped.

You live tweet your final moments:

 "So this is how it ends... trapped inside my own home, surrounded by a dozen hunters, all ready to end my life..."
And then you die.
A mysterious stranger comes to collect your body.

The mysterious takes your body and is beamed up into the stars.

Your death sparks outrage among the humans, who demand answers about the aliens and why you died. You receive countless condolences on social media while thousands gather outside the White House demanding justice.
It turns out that you were right about the aliens after all.