EP 495 – Story #2 – You are Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective.

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You are Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective. You are summoned by Izabella Petrovna, a famous and wealthy Duchess who wants you to investigate who stole her necklace. Izabella is looking very seductively at you with her eyes while you go over the details.
The necklace was stolen from Izabella's safe when she went away on vacation. The necklace is said to be priceless, but apparently it wasn't enough for whoever took it. Izabella has been watching too many movies lately because she thinks that the thief must have some sort of connection or relationship with

Jeaan Luc Dupont, hotel owner.

 She wants you to find out whether there is any truth behind this rumor.
Izabella is a very beautiful woman, but she still seems quite nervous around you. She clutches her handbag nervously as she leads you into her office.

You ask Izabella if she will show you what is inside her handbag.

 "Oh yes," Izabella replies. You can see that Izabella keeps most of her personal belongings in here, including her keys and passport.
She opens up the bottom compartment and reaches inside. She pulls out an envelope.

> You say "Izabella, I'll find your necklace, but I won't date you. I'd rather have you date my brother in law, Tony."

"Why not?" Izabella asks.
You tell her about how handsome her husband is, but also how he could never compete with you. "Just think," you continue, "you wouldn't even need to get married.

You look at a button that fixes any problem, but people die as soon as they attempt to use it.

You carefully remove the contents of the envelope and place them on Izabella's desk.
There is a letter from someone named Michel to Izabella. It says:
 Dear Izabella,
 I have met a charming young man who told me how lonely you are without me

> You say "Before we go any further, you must know I only accept payment in Fuckbucks."

Izabella smiles, "Well then, let's get started!" She takes you through several rooms and hallways until you reach a room that looks like it might contain the secret passage that Izabella mentioned earlier.

You realize you are lost, but Izabella tells you not worry and you are taken to a room containing

 a large painting. Izabella points at the painting, "Look closely at that painting; do you see anything unusual?"
You take a closer look at the painting. There seem to be three men wearing robes standing next to each other.

You look a little closer and see that one of the men are wearing the stolen necklace!

You gasp. "This painting shows where the thief is hiding!" You tell Izabella. "We just need to figure out which man is the thief."
"But then...where is the necklace?"

You have all 3 men arrested and taken in for questioning. All 3 men say they are innocent, but you will get to the bottom of this. You interrogate your first suspect, who goes the name of

Jacques says:
 Hello, I am Jacques.
I have no idea who stole the necklace, but I'm certain none of us did.
I don't know why you would want to accuse me of stealing something that I didn't steal.

You bring out an expensive necklace and see if you can get Jacques to snatch it from your hands.

 He does so, without hesitation.
You ask him where the necklace came from. "It belongs to my mother," Jacques explains. "She lost it at a party last week. She was so angry she threw the whole thing away!

You dismiss Jacques because of his rock solid alabi. You bring in your next suspect who goes by the name of

Ferdinand says:
 Hello! My name is Ferdinand.
I have no idea who stole the necklace, but I'm certain none of us did.
I don't know why you would want to accuse me of stealing something that I didn't steal.

You ask if Ferdinand was at the scene of the crime on the day the necklace was stolen.

"Yes," says Ferdinand, "I was there. I saw the necklace fall off the table when that young lady picked it up."
You bring in your third and final suspect, who goes by the name of Etienne.

You attempt to play good cop with Etienne and try to pit him against Ferdinand by saying:

 "Etienne, I know you were at the scene of the crime. I have reason to believe you had something to do with the theft."
"That's ridiculous!" says Etienne.

> You say "Let's play Stupid cop, clown Cop."

"I'm not going anywhere with you," says Etienne.
You give him some money and point at the door. "Go home," you say. "I've got work to do."
Etienne says:
 If you're trying to get rid of me, you
'll have to pay more than that.
 You can't bribe me or threaten me. If you're not going to take me seriously, then I'll leave."
You tell Etienne that he is under arrest for suspicion of robbery and theft.

Etienne begins to cry and tells you everything about the stolen necklace.

"The necklace belonged to my wife," says Etienne. "She lost it while she was running around the house chasing our children. They were being very noisy and I couldn't hear her calling out for help."