EP 495 – Story #1 – You are Deathman Freshness, the minty avenger.

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You are Deathman Freshness, the minty avenger. From your fortress of fresh, you watch over the mint deprived city of Gumtham. You and you alone can free it from the clutches of

 this vile conglomerate which has soiled the world with its rancid breath of artificial mint.
To do that, you will need to use your secret weapon: The Mintinator 3000, a fully automated minting machine powered by your own personal energy source.

The conglomerate that is ruining the city is called

 Gumtham Industries. They are a small but powerful corporation which controls many industries in the world. Their headquarters is located at the center of Gumtham's main business district.
Before you can take on Gumtham Industries, however, first you must face Gumtham Industries' own security
 force -- the gum guards.
Gumtham Industries has hired an army of gum guards to protect their interests around the world. These hard-shelled creatures are impervious to everything except for the powers of peppermint.

You find a large pile of Cory from AIPD's suspicious looking clothes.

 They are clearly not suitable for disguising yourself as a guard. You decide you'll have to alter them anyway.
You grab a pair of scissors and begin cutting away at the clothes. The guards come rushing towards you.

Looks like subterfuge is out of the question, you break out your peppermint nunchakus and fight the guards.

During your battle with the gum guards, you accidentally knock over a vase filled with pink rose petals. The guards leap upon the fallen flowers and start to feed on them.
"Oh no!"

The flower petals are like super soldier serum to the gum guards who are much bigger and more powerful now.

 One guard grabs your arm and starts to nibble on it.
"Get off me you damn plant!"
While fighting the guards, you notice something odd about one of them.
It's alive!

The plant is Soulja Boy!

 He's the newest recruit to Gumtham Industries' security force and he's been working undercover since his high school days.
He was able to blend in because of his unique ability to turn himself invisible whenever he wants to.

Soulja Boy tells you to follow him if you want to live. You follow Soulja Boy into

 the shadows where he turns invisible again and disappears down a hidden corridor.
"I'm gonna get these guards to stop chewing on my arm," says Soulja Boy. "Follow me."
You reach the end of the corridor just as Soulja Boy opens a door and steps inside.

Soulja Boy introduces you to the Gumtham Resistance Fighters:

+ Soulja Boy, the invisible plant.
- Biscuit, the talking dog.
- Casper, the ghostly cat.
- Stinkbug, the foul smelling bug.

Flashback to the start of the resistance:

In a dark cavern deep beneath the earth, there lies a mysterious laboratory. Inside, a lone scientist sits at a desk studying a glowing crystal.
"What is that?" asks the scientist.
She looks up and sees two giants walking in through the front doors.
 She quickly hides behind her desk.
"We're here to see the director," says one giant.
"This way," she replies, leading the giants into another room.
"Who are you?"
 asks the second giant.
"My name is Doctor Gribbons. I am the head researcher for Gumtham Industries."
The second giant pulls out a switchblade and threatens to cut her into tiny pieces unless she gives them what they want.

Doctor Gribbons in fear for his life releases the deadly artificial mint into the cities drinking water. The release causes an explosion that knocks the giants back.

And thus began the Gumtham Resistance.
As the gum guards continue to chew on Doctor Gribbons' arm, you rush to her aid.
"Doctor Gribbons!" you call, running to her side.

Flashback to the present. Soulja Boy says Doctor Gribbons was permanently changed the artificial mint. He be cruel and mean.

"I don't understand," you say. "Why did you give us the Mintinator 3000?"
"Because I knew you would save the day," explains Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy opens the a door and inside sits Doctor Gribbons tied to a chair in a dank dark room with single light hanging overhead. You raise up the Mintinator 3000 and blast the Doctor with an overwhelming spray of all natural minty goodness!

Doctor Gribbons coughs and sputters at the sudden assault and then smiles.
"Finally... we've won," she says. "I knew you would make the right decision."
Doctor Gribbons removes a key from her pocket and unlocks the handcuffs binding her hands.

Doctor Gribbons hands you a box with a keyhole but no key.

"There's a code to open this box," she says. "It's the only way to defeat Gumtham Industries."
Doctor Gribbons hands you a book


 Achieved by Doctor Gribbons, the Mintinator 3000 is a revolutionary piece of technology that will forever change how we think about mint.