EP 492 – Story #3 – You are Erica, a woman reading a comic strip in a small diner.

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You are Erica, a woman reading a comic strip in a small diner. Suddenly one of the characters, a biker with a pompadour and leather jacket pulls you into his illustrated world. A catchy synth beat begins playing and he asks you to "take on me".
 You climb atop him, your skirt rising up as you do so. He's wearing nothing but an oversized pair of sunglasses that make you feel like you're riding on the back of a giant cockroach.

You look around the illustrated world and realize there are many things you did not expect like:

 giant robots; talking animals and other creatures that live in this alternate universe where humans have become extinct.
"Oh, what can it hurt?" you think, "I'm already here."
"Take on me," he says again in a robotic voice.

You follow the illustrated man as he leads you to

 a futuristic cityscape. The buildings and roads are all made out of chrome metal. There's no sign of life anywhere except for a few flying cars zipping through the air.
The man takes you to a barber shop where he gets his hair cut by a robot.

You see a button labeled haircut and push the button.

 Cutting will begin in 5 seconds... 3, 2, 1...
The robot's arms go to work on his head, cutting off a piece of his hair.

Tony, a single guy who also got transported into the comic strip, appears from the ceiling and falls on the ground right in front of you.

 As you try to catch him, he steps on your foot causing you to fall onto your back.
A bell rings inside the room and the door opens. From outside come two women, both wearing black leather outfits.

The women point at you and chant, "Jacket off!" But you aren't wearing a jacket! You run for your life!

Tony grabs hold of you and drags you towards the exit.
Your feet hit the pavement and you continue running down the street.
As you run, a car stops next to you and the driver rolls down her window.

The woman looks very strange, kind of like

 a cross between a human and a spider. She has eight eyes with blue irises, two legs for each eye, and two antennae coming out of her forehead. Her long gray hair is tied up in a ponytail.

The woman recognizes you are new here and asks you if you want safety from the robots. You and Tony agree and hop in the spider woman's car.

As she drives, you notice she has a lot of sharp teeth.
"Where are we going?" you ask.
"To my home," she replies. "It's far away from here, but I know a way."

You are startled when the car suddenly goes underground and all the lights go out.

"Is this how you get rid of the robots?" you say to the spider woman.
"Yes," she says.
As soon as the light comes back on, you see a large spider web stretched across the entire tunnel.

You and Tony finally realize this is a trap! You scream for help as you are stuck in the web, and finally the Pompadour'd man from earlier comes to save the yell all while singing, "Take on me!"

The woman shoots a huge web at the Pompadouled man knocking him unconscious.
The spider woman then turns to you and tells you to be quiet or else she'll kill Tony.

You bargain with the spider woman and asks what she wants?

She wants you to take care of a job for her.
If you accept, she will give you a free ride back to reality.
You have no choice but to agree.

The spider woman tells you the job is simple:

 sneak into a laboratory and steal some nuclear material from a scientist named Dr. Zirnkraft.
As you leave the subway station, you see a group of scientists walking in a line.

You attempt to gain access to the lab by leaning in for a kiss with the main scientist.

He says, "Zirnkraft! Get over here!"
You are thrown into the air and land hard on the ground.
You are now being chased by a group of military guards.

You notice the jar of nuclear material and grab that as you make your escape.

You run as fast as you can toward the exit.
But when you reach the end of the hall, you are stopped by the guard who throws a grenade at you.

You drop the nuclear material and hide. The grenade creates a kind of dirty bomb and covers you in nuclear radiation. You gain the following power:

 NUCLEAR POWER: Your body is made of atomic particles, which makes you incredibly dense.  You are immune to bullets, fire, and other forms of physical damage.  You are unable to move through walls, however, so it is still possible for you to be harmed
The radioactive cloud clears and you walk out of the building, leaving the nuclear material behind.
As you walk down the street, you start feeling very sick.  You look down and realize the nuclear material is emitting a red glow.

You return to the spider woman and save Tony with ease.

As you are about to enter the car, Tony reminds you of the deal.  He says, "I don't have any money."

You demand spider woman take you back to reality. She reluctantly agrees.

The car takes off, heading south.  As it nears the shore, Tony starts coughing and he falls asleep.  Then the car stops moving.

You wake up on a beach and your nuclear powers are replaced with

 the following power:
 HYPER DENSITY: Your body is made of atomic particles, which makes you incredibly dense.  You are immune to bullets, fire, and other forms of physical damage.