EP 492 – Story #2 – You are Minotaur! a ferocious beast man that used to guard the labyrinth.

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You are Minotaur! a ferocious beast man that used to guard the labyrinth. Due to budget cuts you are now the midnight manager at White Castle.
 The labyrinth is currently in a state of disrepair and no one would dare enter it, not even you. However, your memories are still strong, and sometimes you find yourself yearning for the old days when you were feared by all.

You meet Cindy, the Gorgon, now working as a waitress.

 She's always been jealous of her sister Persephone - the goddess of springtime. Cindy thinks she can be prettier if only she had more followers on twitter. You two get to talking about how you've both been cast out from your previous lives, and eventually Cindy invites you back into the labyrinth


Cindy gives you her family heirloom, the legendary sword:

 Excalibur. It was once wielded by King Arthur himself. As Cindy tells you how to use this enchanted weapon, she warns you never to let its power go to your head. You must remember that sometimes true beauty comes from within...

You return to finish your shift and say, "Working at White Castle hasn't been that bad. I did get to meet Harold, Kumar and Neil Patrick Harris."

"Yeah," says Cindy, "I'm glad we met too. But there's something else I wanted to talk to you about..."
She shows you a picture of her family. Her parents are dead.

You are overcome with emotion and tell Cindy your will avenge her dead parents. Suddenly an irate customer charges the counter and goes off on a tirade about her sliders!

You draw Excalibur and slay the enraged customer.
The next morning Cindy wakes up in your bed, and tells you she loves you.
You ask, "What happened?"
Cindy replies, "I don't know.

You reach over to see that you have 90 missed calls from your manager at White Castle. You already know it's because of the murder.

  You call him back and find out you're fired. Your last day here is tomorrow.

You begin your last shift at White Castle and your manager is watching you like a hawk.

 He makes sure to point out every mistake you make.
You say, "Is there anything I can do to make up for my mistakes?"
He replies, "Yes, you can take these free coupons for our new low-fat turkey burgers and shove them up your ass."

You pull out Excalibur are very close to decapitating your manager, but Cindy stops you!

 "You mustn't kill him!"
"But he's been such a pain in the ass today!"
Cindy kisses you, "Don't worry, my love. I'll handle this."

You watch as Cindy handles your manager by

 flirting and telling him how much she likes his new hair plugs.
"If you'd like, I can show you where the rest rooms are."
"No thanks, I think I can handle it myself," you say.

You tell Cindy, "I hope Officer Cory doesn't mind the fact that I slayed a customer." And almost as if you summoned him, Officer Cory appears and looks like he wants to talk to you.

You walk into the break room and find it filled with police officers. One of them asks, "Are you the manager?"
You reply, "That's right. Who are you people again?"

You are interrupted when your manager yells at you to come into his office. You do so and see the head of HR, Karen Kareson, waiting for you. Before they can say anything, you tell Karen, "Murdering is part of a minotaur's life and soul!"

Karen replies, "We're terminating you, not firing you! We're going to fire you!"
You protest, "But I killed someone!"
And before you know it, you have handcuffs on your wrists and are being led away.

You realize your manager is going to terminate you, there is nope hope, so you take Excalibur and you

 stab him through the heart.
Cindy catches you in the act, and screams, "Leave him alone!"
Officer Cory, who has been following you around, steps in front of you and says, "Get down, monster!"

You expect Officer Cory to arrest you, but instead he fills your manager full of lead by unloading his firearm into your manager's chest. You ask Cory, "Why did you do that for me?" and Cory replies, "I used to work retail, F that guy!"

You thank Cory and he walks away. The police are all gone, too.
You sigh and tell Cindy, "I wish things could have ended differently."
She says, "Me too.

You look around town for a new job and eventually find something new:

 a job at a local radio station.
The only problem is, you don't know how to play an instrument. You need a way to get your music heard. You decide to ask your friend Harold.