EP 491 – Story #3 – You are Baby Scarz, a Newborn baby boy who was born in a High Security prison.

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You are Baby Scarz, a Newborn baby boy who was born in a High Security prison. The Warden of the prison has decided that you won't be able to leave the Prison until your 18th birthday.
 You have been granted access to the internet and will be able to communicate with your parents on a regular basis.
Your mother has been informed about your situation and is very worried for you. She doesn't know how long she'll be able to keep her job at the prison if she keeps visiting you every day so please try not to worry about her too much.
 You have learned some hard lessons from being born into a high security, some of the being:

1) Life Inside is Hard
2) There's No Such Thing as Justice
3) Be Careful Who You Trust
4) Don't Take Anything For Granted
5) Always Protect Yourself
6) Never Give Up Hope
7) Everything Is Worth Fighting For
8) You Can Do It!
 One day you get a surprise visit from Jason, a celebrity streamer who has a passionate hatred of birthdays.
 He gives you an opportunity to escape the prison.
I'm sorry but I can't tell you more than this. All I can do is hope that it all works out for you.
Good luck little guy.
 Jason hands you a large birthday cake with a file and a saw and a knife sticking out of it.

Happy Birthday,
- Your Mum
After opening the file, Baby Scarz finds a message written by his mother.
Dear Baby Scarz,
This is your mother. As you know, I've been working at the prison for many years now and my job there is under threat because I have been visiting you every day since you were born.
 You realize after reading this that not only do you need to escape prison, but you need to free your mom as well!

The file contains information about the prison, including its location and all the different cells within the prison.
From here, Baby Scarz must make his way through the prison and find a way to escape.
Baby Scarz
A Story About a Kid Named Baby Scarz
1) Prologue
I was born in a prison called The High Security Unit.
 Your dad and fellow inmate can see you are trying to escape and tells you that he has a plan: 
"We're going to escape together and go to the outside world."
At first, you don't believe him, but when you ask him why he wants to escape, he says that he has done something terrible to someone important to him and needs to pay for it.
"If we escape," he continues, "we can both start over and forget about what happened."
The AIPD Chopper with Tony piloting and Cory knitted his famous Cory's Clothes burst through the cell wall. You need to make a decision fast: leave now with your absentee father or wait and try to rescue your mom. You choose 
to follow your dad, even though you know that it might put your life in danger.
As you escape, you hear your mother screaming for help. Her screams are getting louder and louder. You run faster and faster, following your dad.
2) Escape from the High Security Unit
You reach a door and open it. Outside, you see a helicopter landing.
 You and your father escape in the AIPD chopper and you hear your mother scream out, "
Help me!"
She is still inside the prison.
You and your father fly away.
3) The Search
You fly over the prison and see your mother fighting with a guard. As you watch, the guard falls to the ground and your mother runs off.
You look back and see the prison burning.
Your dad turns the helicopter around and flies toward the prison.
 Your mom runs for the helipad and grabs your arm as you pull her to safety and fly into sunset with dreams of finally being one big happy family!

4) Mommy Needs Help
When you get home, you find your mother crying on the floor. She tells you that she can no longer work at the prison anymore because she has been fired. She tells you that she is leaving to find another job.
Your heart breaks. You want to help her, but you don't know how.
 You grab the local paper and look at the Help Wanted section for jobs. You find the perfect job for your mother: 
a babysitter.
You call the number listed on the ad and arrange to meet the owner of the house where she will be working.
5) Babysitting
You arrive at the house and knock on the door. A woman answers the door.
"Hello?" she asks.
"Hi, I'm here to see Mrs. Jones," you say.
 Mrs Jones assumes you are an escaped child and puts you in a crib with 20 other babies.

"Don't worry about them," she says. "They won't hurt you."
"What? Why are they here?" you ask.
"They're orphans," she replies. "Their parents died in a fire."
You open the door of the crib and look down at the babies. They all look like you.
"Are you all brothers and sisters?" you ask.
 You realize you need to free these babies, but you can't escape the cradle. You talk with your fellows babies and say, "
What should we do?"
They all agree that you need to escape so that you can help each other.
"But I can't escape," you say.
"Yes you can," they reply.
"How?" you ask.
"There is a secret passage," one baby says. "It leads to a tunnel that goes right to the front door." 
You ask, "Why haven't you tried to use it yourself then?"

"Because we are too young," the baby says.
You promise to keep their secret and tell them that you will try to escape.
6) The Secret Passage
You decide to try to escape using the secret passage. You climb up the stairs and enter the room above. There are two doors; one opens into a closet, and the other opens onto a long hallway.
 You hide in the closet and wait for night fall. While everyone is sleeping, you free all the babies. While roaming the city streets, you decide to form your own Baby Gang called 
7) The Babysitter
You walk into the house and greet Mrs. Jones.
"Hello, my name is Baby Scarz," you say. "My friends and I are very excited to be working for you today."
Mrs. Jones looks at you closely and asks, "Are you sure you are not a runaway child?"
You order the gang to kill Mrs Jones. They all take out their sharpened pacifiers and go to town stabbing her til she is dead.

8) An Unexpected Visitor
You and your gang are walking down the street when you hear a loud scream.
"Who screamed?" you ask.
"I did," a voice replies.
"Where are you?" you ask.
"Over there," the voice says.
You turn around and see 
a little girl sitting on the curb.
"What happened to you?" you ask.
"A man shot me," she replies.
"He was trying to steal my toys," she continues.
"That sounds terrible," you say. "Are you okay?"
"I think so," she replies.
"Do you have any money?" you ask.
 The girl hires you for you first assassination job.

9) To Kill or Not to Kill
You arrive at the house and are surprised to see that the man is actually a nice guy who only wanted to play with his daughter.